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2001 Issue Archive

Jan/Feb 2001 Cover January/February 2001
Academia vs. Reality
Change of Venue
No Experience? No Problem!
Setting the Stage for a Structured Finance Transaction
2000 Index to Articles

Table of Contents

Mar/Apr 2001 Cover March/April 2001
What’s Driving This Market?
Negotiating Raises and Salary 
Employment Law, Part I
Bill Coknlin Hates the IRS
Fair Weather Friend

Table of Contents

May/Jun 2001 Cover May/June 2001
Climbing the Technology Ladder
Legal Assistant Today‘s 2001 Technology Survey
10 Top Technologies for 2001
In Their Defense
Perfecting WordPerfect

Table of Contents

Jul/Aug 2001 Cover July/August 2001
Discovery Strategies
Experts for Sale  fulltext.gif (318 bytes)
Three Kings
Engine Power

Table of Contents

Sep/Oct 2001 Cover September/October 2001
A Time for Heroes
The Job Market: Fizzle or Sizzle?
Draft It With Style  fulltext.gif (318 bytes)
Under Pressure
Everything I Know About Law School
I Learned in My First Year

Table of Contents

Nov/Dec 2001 Cover November/December 2001
A Day of Infamy
Capturing the Gold
Regulation Update
A Vocal Advocate
Finding Forms  fulltext.gif (318 bytes)

Working Together

Table of Contents


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