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2002 Issue Archive

Jan/Feb 2002 Cover January/February 2002
Debating the Future  fulltext.gif (318 bytes)
A proliferation of online programs fuels discussion on the direction of paralegal education.
Are You Riding A Fine Line?
Learn to identify and avoid issues involving the unauthorized practice of law.
Changing Directions
What you need to consider before you retrain.
2001 Index to Articles  fulltext.gif (318 bytes)
Your guide to last year’s collection of Legal Assistant Today articles.
A Legal Team’s MVP
Bank of America’s Theresa (Terry) Irvin, CLA, proves to be indispensable.

Table of Contents

Jan/Feb 2002 Cover March/April 2002
When Unemployment Comes Knocking
Tips and advice for coping with job loss.
How Big Is Your Piece of the Pie?
Paralegals carved out a large salary increase in 2001.
Branching Out On Your Own? 
Things to consider before going it alone as
a freelance paralegal.
10 Ways to Stand Out and Become a Successful Paralegal
Practical methods to improve your image as a valuable team player.

Table of Contents

May/Jun 2002 Cover May/June 2002
It’s Not Mom, But It’s Close
Case management might be exactly what your firm needs.
Knowledge Is Power
As skills and training increase, technology roles for legal assistants expand.
The Accidental Technologist
How technology altered the career path of a former computer novice.
Witness to an Execution
Convicted killer Timothy McVeigh’s former defense paralegal talks about his first big case.

Tech Trends for 2002
6 key areas influencing the way your job functions might evolve.


Table of Contents

Jul/Aug 2002 Cover July/August 2002
Where exemption is concerned, paralegals struggle to find the lesser of two evils.
A Winning Team
Two legal professionals embraced the idea of being partners in their case work and have been rewarded with courtroom victories and a balanced working relationship.
The Secrets of Intellectual Property
And how you can break into the field and find success.
A Very Sharp Legal Team
This husband-and-wife legal duo beat Wal-Mart to the tune of $13 million.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Pages
Imaging and coding of documents has revolutionized the litigation process, and can change your job for the better.


Table of Contents

September/October 2002
Being All They Can Be
LAT presents its 2002 Paralegal of the Year and runners-up.
Only Time Will Tell
A forecast for the future of the paralegal profession.
7 Who Fought
Paralegals celebrate their 20-year careers and share some of their war stories.
5 Easy Pieces 
Veteran legal assistants offer project management advice.
In Tough Times We Lead
A New York paralegal talks about how she escaped the World Trade Center disaster and helped save her firm.

Table of Contents

November/December 2002
A Rose By Any Other Name 
The debate over professional titles remains white hot.
Matters of Concern
Implementing matter management software from the paralegal perspective.
Tough Enough
A former cop finds his niche behind the wheel of intellectual property work
35+Vital Sites 
Seven experts offer up their most valuable Web resources.
Working Wounded
Coping with illness on the job.

Table of Contents



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