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2003 Issue Archive

Jan/Feb 2002 Cover January/February 2003
Head of Her Class
Feisty paralegal brings reality and opinions into the classroom.
Learning Curve
In-house training is part of every paralegal’s experience.
Investigating a Child Abuse Action
The legal assistant’s role.
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Your guide to last year’s collection of Legal Assistant Today articles.

Table of Contents

March/April 2003
Still $miling After 2002?
In a year rife with economic decline, paralegals still managed some respectable gains.
Defending Terry Nichols
A former paralegal reflects on a client who irreparably changed the American landscape.
Secrets of Management Unveiled 
An insider’s look at the role of paralegal managers.
Crafting a Résumé
By way of introduction.

Table of Contents

May/June 2003
It’s All In Hand
PDAs provide efficient mobility for the next generation of paralegals.
Technology is Now
Paralegals continue to benefit from technology and encourage educators to focus on computer training.
Inside the World of Time & Billing
By way of introduction.
A Temporary Solution
Paralegals and law firms find temporary employment a workable solution to a troubled job market.

Table of Contents

July/August 2003
A Tidal Wave of Documents
Technology and organization are the keys to staying afloat in any large litigation case.
9 Critical Steps for Trial Preparation 

Spoliation of Evidence
How paralegals can play a key role in stopping the unthinkable.
Art of Negotiation
These key tools will help your negotiations go smoothly.
Foreign Affairs 
A document management matter with international flair offers tips for counsel.

Table of Contents

September/October 2003
League of Extraordinary Women
LAT’s 2003 Paralegal of the Year and two runners-up demonstrate a passion for their profession.
Plugged into E-filing
Where it’s been; where it’s going and how it affects legal assistants.
Legal Nurse Consulting 
The next big trend.
Technically Speaking 
Former paralegal capitalizes on legal technology experience and expertise.

Table of Contents

November/December 2003
Coke Is It
Beverage giant offers two legal assistants expansive and vital roles.
Above and Beyond
Rookie of the Year sets high goals
for herself and achieves them.
The Corporate Fast Track 
Case management programs are the right ticket for these large corporate legal departments.
Court Dockets at the Touch of a Button
Online tools are streamlining the records retrieval process for corporate and litigation paralegals.

Table of Contents



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