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2008 Issue Archive

January/February 2008
The Key to Your Future
Use internships to unlock your paralegal career.
By Ruth-Ellen Post, Esq.

Playground Politics 
Education and the law meet to form a unique specialty.
By Sally A. Kane

Using Bates numbering to tame the document madness in an electronic world.
By Milton Hooper

In Good Form 
Obtaining Medical Opinion Evidence for Social Security Disability Hearings

By Thomas E. Bush

Table of Contents

LAT March/April 2008 March/April 2008

Enjoy the Ride
LAT‘s 16th Annual Salary Survey results show compensation climbed at a gentle pace in 2007.
By Ruth-Ellen Post, Esq.


Hello World!
American paralegals working abroad.
By Chere B. Estrin

Landlord and Tenant Law 
Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing real estate specialty.
By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq.

In Good Form 
Pattern Interrogatories for Invasion of Privacy

By Kevin R. Culhane

Table of Contents


LAT March/April 2008

May/June 2008

On the Pulse
LAT‘s 7th Annual Technology Survey results reveal more paralegals feel the beat of technology.
By Amanda Flatten
Statistical Analysis by Darrell Patton
What’s On? 
The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry.
By Milton Hooper
Taming the Terabyte
A paralegal’s guide to reining in the electronically stored information.
By Sally A. Kane
In Good Form 
Increasing the Value of Mental and Emotional Injury Cases.
By John D. Winer

Table of Contents

LAT July/August 2008 July/August 2008

Panning for Gold
Sifting through pre- and post-litigation
reports for hidden evidence.
By Stacey Hunt, CLA, CAS, and Ellen Sheffer

Working Harder or
Working Smarter? 

The pros and cons of
electronic deposition summaries.
Mary Girsch-Bock
A Unique Blend
Today’s workplace combines the work ethics and skills of four different generations.
By Sally A. Kane

How To Interview Clients   
Taking initial calls from personal injury clients.
By Ellsworth T. "Derry" Rundlett III
In Good Form 
DUI Discovery Forms and Motions
By Bruce Kapsack

Table of Contents


LAT September/October 2008


September/October 2008

The Career Connection
LAT’s 2008 Paralegal of the Year and runners-up flourish through networking ties.
By Amanda Flatten

Cover Photo: © Roger Ball

Welcome …or Not? 
Some doors open for paralegals in state bar associations.
By Sally A. Kane
How to Protect
Inheritance Assets
Creating shifting trust provisions.
By Alan R. Eber
In Good Form 
Preparing for Discovery From the Defense
By Ellsworth T. Rundlett

Table of Contents


LAT September/October 2008


November/December 2008

LAT’s 2008 Rookie of the Year finds a passion in leadership.

By Sally A. Kane, J.D.

Cover Photo: © Chris Caster


Structurally Sound

Building the perfect corporate governance checklist.

By Cynthia S. Couch


Justice for All

Criminal law paralegals play important roles on both sides of the courtroom.

By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq.


Finding hidden assets in divorce cases.

By Nicholas L. Bourdeau


Damages and Settlement

By Leonard Bucklin


Table of Contents


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