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Issue Archive: 1997 Index to Articles
If you would like to purchase a back issue, they are available on a limited basis for $9 per issue. To purchase a back issue of Legal Assiustant Today, please call (800) 394-2626.

Career: Advancement/Development
Getting to Know Your Associations (January/February 1997)
Negotiating a Raise – Sharon Eurich Barnes (Jan/Feb 1997)
Paralegal Orientation – Chere Estrin (Jan/Feb 1997)
Future Shock: Tech Paralegals – Chere Estrin (March/April 1997)
Firing Up Commitment – Chere Estrin (May/June 1997)
The Truth about Lies – Chere Estrin (July/Aug 1997)

Career: Coping with Problems and People on the Job
Stress Demands and Your Health – Gina M. Gladwell (Jan/Feb 1997)
Beat the Clock – Stacey Hunt (Jan/Feb 1997)
Your Role as Librarian – Richard Leiter (Jan/Feb 1997)
The Old Billable Hours Game – Chere Estrin (March/April 1997)
Facing the Work v. Family Dilemma – Gina M. Gladwell (May/June 1997)
Working with Disabled Clients – Kathleen M. Reade (May/June 1997)

Career: Trends
For Love or Money? – Niccol Kording & Leanne Cazares (Jan/Feb 1997)
Best Firm Survey Results – Robert Sperber (May/June 1997)
15 Years of Professional Advancement – Gina M. Gladwell (Sept/Oct 1997)
Paralegal Staffing Trends – Chere Estrin (Sept/Oct 1997)
Changes and Opportunities – Stacey Hunt (Sept/Oct 1997)

Computers and Technology
A Patent Goldmine – Brad J. Loos (Jan/Feb 1997)
Litigation Software for Paralegals – Editors of Law Office Computing (March/April 1997)
Litigation Research on the Information Superhighway – Josh Blackman (March/April 1997)
Spreadsheets for the Litigation Team – Adam J. Miller (March/April 1997)
Taming the Octopus – Angela B. Miro (March/April 1997)
Surviving a Computer Meltdown – Daryl Teshima (March/April 1997)
Home Away from Home – Stacey Hunt (March/April 1997)
Undone by Undo – Richard Leiter and Christopher G. Wren (March/April 1997)
Automating Your Law Office – Cheryl D. Evans (July/Aug 1997)
Technology Time Traps – Daryl Teshima (July/Aug 1997)
The PC Revolution – Daryl Teshima (Sept/Oct 1997)
Job Searching on the Internet – Cheryl Rogovin (Sept/Oct 1997)
To Upgrade, or not to Upgrade – Daryl Teshima (Nov/Dec 1997)

Corporate Law and Specialties
Trimming Legal Fees – Sally A. Franzen (Sept/Oct 1997)

Education and Training
Back to School – Deborah Bogen (Jan/Feb 1997)
Paralegal Jobs Beyond the Law Office – Diane Petropulos (May/June 1997)
Computing Students’ Technology Training – Diane Petropulos (July/Aug 1997)
Education Beyond the Books – Diane Petropulos (Sept/Oct 1997)
Career Planning Tips – Diane Petropulos (Nov/Dec 1997)

The Theory of Indispensability – Deborah K. Orlik (Jan/Feb 1997)
In-House Paralegals and the Unauthorized Practice of Law – Deborah K. Orlik (March/April 1997)
Tainted Work Product – Deborah K. Orlik (May/June 1997)
Big Dog: No Teeth? – Deborah K. Orlik (July/Aug 1997)
Ethics: Then and Now – Deborah K. Orlik (Sept/Oct 1997)
Ethics and Glass Houses – Deborah K. Orlik (Nov/Dec 1997)

Freelance Paralegals
The Secrets to Selling Your Skills – Pamela Everett (May/June 1997)
Freelancers for Small Firms – Stacey Hunt (May/June 1997)

Legal Research
Unlocking the Mysteries of Medical Records – A.L. DeWitt (July/Aug 1997)
Legislative Resources – Andrea Banchik Yelin (July/Aug 1997)
Lexis/Westlaw vs. the Internet – Richard Leiter (July/Aug 1997)
Top 20 Net Resources for the Legal Assistant1997) – Arlin P. Neser (Sept/Oct)
The Future of Legal Research – Richard Leiter (Sept/Oct 1997)
Handy Reference Sources – Andrea B. Yelin (Nov/Dec 1997)
Lifesaving Research Tips – Richard Leiter (Nov/Dec 1997)

Litigation and Litigation Support
Accessorizing Your Litigation Wardrobe – Stacey Hunt (Jan/Feb 1997)
Demonstrative Evidence on a Small Firm Budget – Stacey Hunt, Michael Jencks and Chris Carr (May/June 1997)
The Paralegal "X" Files – Stacey Hunt (July/Aug 1997)
Favorite Litigation Tips – Stacey Hunt (Nov/Dec 1997)

Small Firms Require More – Kevin J. Behan (May/June 1997)
The Ingredients for a Successful Paralegal – Brad Baber (Nov/Dec 1997)

Paralegal Profiles
The Paralegal Who Smoked the Tobacco Industry – Mark Curriden (May/June 1997)
Fighting to Keep Britain’s "Most Wanted Man" in the U.S. – Robert Sperber (July/Aug 1997)
Profiles: Legal Assistants Who Have Made a Difference – Gina M. Gladwell and Robert Sperber (Sept/Oct 1997)
A Golden Cause – Jill Perry (Nov/Dec 1997)
Reader Tips – Insider Tips and Hints (Nov/Dec 1997)

Trial and Error – Anonymous (Jan/Feb 1997)
Right Place at the Right Time – Anonymous (May/June 1997)
Paralegal Inside the Witness Box – Deborah Worthington (Sept/Oct 1997)
Have Legal Assistant Background, Will Travel – Linda Anderson Naranjo (Nov/Dec 1997)

The Attorney-Client Retainer Agreement – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Jan/Feb 1997)
Proofreading for Perfection – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (March/April 1997)
Trial Witness Scheduling – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (July/Aug 1997)
The Perfect Memo – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Sept/Oct 1997)
Tips for Writing Excellence – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Nov/Dec 1997)

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