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Issue Archive: 1998 Index to Articles

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Career: Advancement/Development

Staying Professionally Connected – Andrea B. Yelin (Jan/Feb)

Researching Your Move – Richard Leiter (Jan/Feb)

The Power of Illusions – Chere B. Estrin (Jan/Feb)

The CLA Distinction – Chere B. Estrin (Mar/Apr)

Career Makeover – Chere B. Estrin (Jul/Aug)

Paralegals, Take Charge! – Brad J. Baber (Jul/Aug)

Paralegal Dreaming – Brad J. Baber (Sep/Oct)

Paralegal Paragons – Diane Petropulos (Sep/Oct)

Make Your First Move Count – Diane Petropulos (Nov/Dec)

Open Season (Job Hunting) – Rob Hamel (Nov/Dec)

Eight Tips to Find a Job By  – Brad J. Baber (Nov/Dec)

Career: Trends

Working the Night Shift (overtime pay) – Shelley G. Widoff (Jan/Feb)

1997-98 Nationwide Salary Survey (Mar/Apr)

The Changing of the Guard – Chere B. Estrin (May/Jun)

CLA v. PACE – Lana J. Clark (Jul/Aug)

401(k) Malaise? – Lorayne Fiorillo (Sep/Oct)

The New Career Hierarchy – Kathleen Call (Sep/Oct)

We’re Ready for Our Close Up – Stacey Hunt (Sep/Oct)

A Giant Leap Towards Regulation – Laurel Bielec (Nov/Dec)

Computers and Technology

Finding Needles in Digital Haystacks – Daryl Teshima (Jan/Feb)

Video Depositions – Stacey Hunt and Michael R. Jencks (Mar/Apr)

Computers v. Goliath – Cheryl D. Evans (Mar/Apr)

The Year 2000 Problem – Gene Barrett and Sharon R. Klein (Mar/Apr)

Eight Predictions for 1998 – Daryl Teshima (Mar/Apr)

The Next Generation of Speech Recognition Software – Daryl Teshima and Alan Adler (May/Jun)

Practice Information Managers – Daryl Teshima (Nov/Dec)


Working with Attorneys – Diane Petropulos (Mar/Apr)

The Unwritten Rules: Survival in a Law Firm – Terrie I. Murray (May/Jun)

When Disaster Strikes – Kevin J. Behan (Sep/Oct)

Education and Training

The Road to In-House Training – Brad Baber (Jan/Feb)

A Step in the Right Direction – Diane Petropulos (Jan/Feb)

Degree v. Certificate Round II – Jeannie S. Johnston (Mar/Apr)

Paralegal Leaders – Diane Petropulos (May/Jun)

Declining Enrollment – Carolyn Yellis (Jul/Aug)

Thinking About Teaching? – DeShaunta L. Stewart (Jul/Aug)

Student Support Programs – Diane Petropulos (Jul/Aug)

Beat the Pre-Exam Jitters – Lana J. Clark, Jean M. Cushman and Carolyn Yellis (Nov/Dec)


A Career Alternative for Beginning Paralegals – Deborah K. Orlik (Jan/Feb)

Internet Ethics – Deborah K. Orlik (Mar/Apr)

The Ethics Dilemma – Andrea B. Yelin (Jul/Aug)

Committing Malpractice with Your Computer – Daryl Teshima (Sep/Oct)

Legal Research / Internet

Paralegals Online


        *   Automatic Information

        *   The Law Engine That Could

        *   Helpful Sites

        *   Finding Your Way

        *   A Wealth of Information

        *   Experts Online

        *   Paralegal Mailing List

        *   It’s the FedLaw

        *   ATLA Net

        *   Law Xchange


        *   Map It Out

        *   The Latest Census Information

        *   Lexis From Your Desktop

        *   57 Estate Planning Links

        *   Helpful Credit Information

        *   Valuable Government Site

        *   As The World Turns

        *   UPDATE: Trademarks and the Internet


        *   Keep Tabs on Congress

        *   Aviation Litigation

        *   Legal Links Galore

        *   Know Your Intellectual Property Sites

        *   Legal Research Help

        *   Feds on the Web

        *   Legal Information from Nolo Press

        *   Translator on the Web

        *   Find Who and What You Need

Superhighway Potholes – Richard Leiter (Mar/Apr)

Case Law Citators – Andrea B. Yelin (Mar/Apr)

Accessing Federal Rules – Andrea B. Yelin (May/Jun)

Push Technology – Leslie Ann Forrester (May/Jun)

Web Resources for Personal Injury Paralegals – Melynda Hill-Teter (May/Jun)

10 Steps to a $600 Web Site – Kevin Lee Thomason (May/Jun)

The Little Library the Could – Stacey Hunt (May/Jun)

Bookmarking Basics – Joni McDonald Wallach (Jul/Aug)

The Challenge: Westlaw.com and Lexis-Nexis Xchange – Daryl Teshima (Jul/Aug)

Equal Access – Richard Leiter (Sep/Oct)

Query Savvy – Joni McDonald Wallach (Sep/Oct)

Direct Deposit from the Information Superhighway – Richard Leiter and Ann Walsh Long (Nov/Dec)

Cool Sites from A to Z – Joni McDonald Wallach (Nov/Dec)

PACER Party/Case Index – Stacey Hunt (Nov/Dec)


Ten Tips for New Paralegal Managers – Brad J. Baber (Jan/Feb)

Vendor Selection Made Simple – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Mar/Apr)

Creating a Place To Stay – Brad J. Baber (Mar/Apr)

Creative Recruiting Strategies – Brad J. Baber (May/Jun)

Paralegal Profiles

The Next Class – I. Perrin Weston (Jan/Feb)

Plugged In & On Top – Rebecca Thompson Nagel (Mar/Apr)

Toxic Files – I. Perrin Weston (May/Jun)

The Five Types of Paralegals – The Rodent (May/Jun)

Oklahoma Bombing Paralegals – Jill Perry (Sep/Oct)

Paralegal of the Year Finalists – Natasha Emmons (Sep/Oct)


The Metamorphosis of Me – Cici Vu (Jan/Feb)

Law and Disorder in Northern Ireland – Daniel VanDeMortel (Sep/Oct)


Five Rules For Litigation Paralegals – Stacey Hunt (Jan/Feb)

An Insider’s Guide to Making Your Bills Withstand Client Scrutiny – Sally A. Kane (Jan/Feb)

Taxes ’98 – Dibby Allan Green (Jan/Feb)

Have Subpoena, Will Travel – Stacey Hunt (Mar/Apr)

Trials in Enemy Territory – Deborah Bogen (May/Jun)

Understanding Basic Financial Documents – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (May/Jun)

20 Discovery Response Tips – Debra L. Tillinghast (Jul/Aug)

Building the Perfect Personal Injury Settlement Demand Package – Melynda Hill-Teter (Jul/Aug)

Confidentially Yours – Stacey Hunt (Jul/Aug)

Understanding Financial Projections and Business Plans – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (Jul/Aug)

Oops! (legal malpractice) – Stacey Hunt (Sep/Oct)

Understanding Statements of Net Worth – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (Sep/Oct)

Q&A, Ps & Qs – Lorraine Baker (Nov/Dec)

Four Ways to Do More – Stacey Hunt (Nov/Dec)

Understanding Federal Estate Tax Returns – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (Nov/Dec)

Say What? (using interpreters and translators) – Diane E. Teichman (Nov/Dec)

Tips & Timesavers


        *   Box Your Docs

        *   Keeping Supplies at Hand

        *   Investigation Checklist

        *   Tracking Relevant Cases

        *   Turning No-Shows into Clients

        *   Briefing Your Database

        *   Tips for Real Estate Paralegals

        *   Due Dates for Interrogatories


        *   Stamping Without a Trace

        *   Personal Injury Charts

        *   Seeing Red

        *   Labels to the Rescue

        *   Efficient Case Analysis


        *   Time-Saving Record Summary

        *   Word Tips: Use Styles and Macros

        *   Litigation Database

        *   Speedy Responses to Client Requests

        *   Immediately Skim Medical Records


        *   Locate Lawyers on the Web

        *   Tab Local Counsel

        *   Use Table to Track Documents Efficiently

        *   Specialized Dictionaries and Other Vocabulary Aids

        *   Keep To-Dos on Desktop

        *   Find Courthouses on Web


        *   Cyber Newsstand

        *   Fax Scheduling

        *   Net Operator Assistance

        *   I Think I Can Search

        *   Federal Job Listings

        *   Discard When Read

        *   Judgment Database

        *   Vital Records Page


        *   Federal Judiciary Home Page

        *   Medical Record Suggestions

        *   The Ultimate Legal Research Site

        *   Get Priorities Straight

        *   Bankruptcy Terms Made Simple

        *   Online State Municipal Codes

        *   Chronologies Reveal the Forest and the Trees


The Corporate Transmittal – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Jan/Feb)

E-mail Etiquette – Sonia Von Matt Stoddard (Mar/Apr)

Assignment and Constraints – William Putman (May/Jun)

Outline for Writing Success – William Putman (Jul/Aug)

The Final Word – William Putman (Sep/Oct)

Words of Wisdom – William Putman (Nov/Dec)


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