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Issue Archive: 1999 Index to Articles
If you would like to purchase a back issue, they are available on a limited basis for $9 per issue. To purchase a back issue of Legal Assistant Today, please call (800) 394-2626.

ABA Postpones Action – Lana J. Clark (Nov/Dec)
Arizona Paralegals Gain Unified Voice in Bar – Dane D’Antuono (Nov/Dec)
Association Offers Healthy Perks – Traci Savidge (May/Jun)
Bar Survey Reveals Misconception – Natasha Emmons (Mar/Apr)
Bridging the Distance – Cortland Kirkeby (Sep/Oct)
CAIP Proposes Name Change – D. L. Hawley (Nov/Dec)
CAPA Hosts Largest Conference Yet – Rod Hughes (Sep/Oct)
Identity Crisis – Diana P. Wade (Sep/Oct)
Life’s a Beach for NALA – Vanessa Beam, CLAS (Sep/Oct)
National Code of Ethics for Notaries Complete – Regina Ali (Jan/Feb)
New Video Helps Children’s Advocates Work Effectively – Debra Levy (Jan/Feb)
Paralegal Definition Approved – Traci Savidge (Mar/Apr)
Paralegals to Visit Egypt – Rod Hughes (Jul/Aug)
Setting the Record Straight – Jon S. Montgomery (Nov/Dec)
Who’s in Charge? – Diane Petropulos (Jan/Feb)

Career Strategies
        *  Career Advice
        *  Fifteen Ways to Leave Your Lawyer – Chere B. Estrin (Jan/Feb)
        *  Balancing Career and Family- Kevin J. Behan (Mar/Apr)
        *  Political Aspirations – Chere B. Estrin (May/Jun)
        *  Enter the Net – Chere B. Estrin and Kevin Behan (Jul/Aug)
        *  Unsung Heroes – Chere B. Estrin (Sep/Oct)
Outside the Realm of Tradition – Debra Levy (Jul/Aug)
Paralegal with a Twist – Debra Levy (Sep/Oct)
Preparing for ‘Disaster’ – Debra Levy (Sep/Oct)
From Paralegal to Professor – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Mar/Apr)
Show Me the Money! – Suzanne MacDowell (Jul/Aug)
Taking Shelter – Cortland Kirkeby (Jul/Aug)
Ten Hot Practice Areas – Natasha Emmons (May/Jun)

Border Skirmishes on the Biological Frontier – Cortland Kirkeby (Jan/Feb)
Classroom Goes Techno – Dane D’Antuono (Nov/Dec)
E-Degrees – Natasha Emmons (Jan/Feb)
New Jersey School Loses Case – Mary Micheletti (May/Jun)
Sometimes Less is Less – Susan Howery (Nov/Dec)
Walking a Timeline Tightrope – Diane Petropulos (Jul/Aug)

Paralegal From Mars – Christina Hamlett (Jan/Feb)
        *  Last Laugh
        *  We’ll Do Lunch – Christina Hamlett (Mar/Apr)
        *  The Accidental Nudist – Christina Hamlett (May/Jun)
        *  The Case of ‘Crabby Jack’ – Christina Hamlett (Jul/Aug)
        *  All the Firm is But a Stage – Christina Hamlett (Sep/Oct)
        *  The Last Supper Syndrome – Christina Hamlett (Nov/Dec)

Litigation Support
Colorado Courts Implement E-Filing – Karen Lawrence Coleman (Nov/Dec)
Computerized Depositions Summarized – Melynda Hill-Teter (May/Jun)
Do-it-Yourself Lit Support- Leon Russell (Jul/Aug)
Firms Fight for Tobacco Suit Legal Fees – Kathy Ruff (Nov/Dec)
Let There Be Light – Rebecca Thompson Nagel (Jul/Aug)
        *  Litigation Corner
        *  Depo Prep 101 – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Jan/Feb)
        *  Trimming the Learning Curve – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Mar/Apr)
        *  Making Time Count – Stacey Hunt, CLA (May/Jun)
        *  Taming the Beast – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Jul/Aug)
        *  Making Life Easier for All of Us – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Sep/Oct)
        *  Never Say Never – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Nov/Dec)
A Paralegal’s Guide to Litigation Support Software – the Editors (Jul/Aug)
Selecting a Litigation Support Solution – David A. Gustafson (Jul/Aug)
Seven Litigation Support Software Tips – Rebecca Thompson Nagel (Jul/Aug)
Stormy Seas Ahead – Bruce Walker (Mar/Apr)

        *  Manager’s Desktop
        *  Insider Information – Brad J. Baber (Jan/Feb)
        *  Double Dilemma – Brad J. Baber (Mar/Apr)
        *  The Paralegal’s Paralegal – Brad J. Baber (May/Jun)
        *  Recapturing the Vision – Brad J. Baber (Jul/Aug)
        *  Can’t See the Forest For the Trees – Brad J. Baber (Sep/Oct)
        *  Achieve Professional Nirvana – Brad J. Baber (Nov/Dec)

Accident Scene Action Guide – Mary Micheletti (Mar/Apr)
Army Paralegal Spy Sentenced – Natasha Emmons (Mar/Apr)
Cashing in on Camelot – Rod Hughes (Jul/Aug)
A ‘Clean’ Getaway … Almost – Rod Hughes (May/Jun)
Dedicated Paralegal Honored After Her Unexpected Death – Rebecca Thompson Nagel (Jan/Feb)
FBI Targets Bankruptcy Fraud – Mary Micheletti (Mar/Apr)
Julia Roberts Joins the Legal Field – Traci Savidge (May/Jun)
New Questions Arise – Dane D’Antuono (Nov/Dec)
North Carolina Cautions Lambert – Natasha Emmons (Mar/Apr)
1999 Paralegal of the Year – The Editors (Mar/Apr)
Paralegal Changes Law for the Dogs – Steve Gust (Mar/Apr)
Paralegal in the House – Cortland Kirkeby (Mar/Apr)
Paralegal’s Messy Desk Costs Company Half-Million Dollars – Rebecca Thompson Nagel (Jan/Feb)
Paralegal Takes Over City Court – Cortland Kirkeby (May/Jun)
Post-War Paralegals – Debra Levy (Nov/Dec)
Sexual Harassment Suit Confidentially Resolved – Debra L. Tillinghast (Sep/Oct)
A Survivor’s Story – Debra Levy(Sep/Oct)
Tornado Destroys Paralegal’s Home – Debra Levy (Nov/Dec)
The War Room- Rod Hughes (Jul/Aug)
What Paralegals are Really Made of – Laurie McHugh (Jul/Aug)
And the Winner Is … – Mary Micheletti (Sep/Oct)

Pro Bono
Alaskan Angel of Mercy – Rod Hughes (May/Jun)
Charity Work Leads to Big Time Job – Steve Gust (May/Jun)
Connecticut Paralegals Aid Less Fortunate – Vanessa DeRuyter (Nov/Dec)
Pro Bono Adoption Effort Draws Host of Volunteers – Mary Micheletti (Jan/Feb)
Serving in the Field – Susan Howery (Sep/Oct)

The Profession
1998-1999 Salary Survey – The Editors (Jan/Feb)
All the Right Stuff – Diane Petropulos (May/Jun)
Judging the Profession- The Editors (Mar/Apr)
Law Firm Lands on Top 100 list – Stacey Hunt, CLA (Mar/Apr)
Legal Nurse Consultants Wanted – Diane Petropulos (Mar/Apr)
Nit-Picks Wanted – Traci Savidge (Mar/Apr)
Paralegal Utilization Growing – Stacey Hunt (Nov/Dec)
Reporter Exposes Apparent Scam – Traci Savidge (May/Jun)
Twenty-one Predictions for the 21st Century – Chere B. Estrin (Jan/Feb)
You Be the Judge – Janet L. Lammers, CLA (Mar/Apr)

Agreement Aims to Reduce Medical Testimony Fees – Lorraine Baker (Jan/Feb)
Florida Paralegals Must Now Be Supervised – Debra Levy (Jul/Aug)
Maine Regulation Moves Ahead – Mary Micheletti (Jul/Aug)
Missouri May Renew Paralegal Regulation Push – Mary Micheletti (May/Jun)
Missouri Slow to Establish Paralegal Regulation – Mary Micheletti (Nov/Dec)
New Bar Rules Proposed in Florida- Debra Levy (May/Jun)
New Jersey Licensure Effort Killed – Nancy Ritter (Jul/Aug)
New Jersey State Bar Says ‘No’ – Nancy Ritter (Mar/Apr)
Paralegals Not Welcome – Cortland Kirkeby (Sep/Oct)
States of Regulation – Laurel Bielec (Mar/Apr)
What a Difference a State Makes – Robin Solomon (Sep/Oct)

Exit the Comfort Zone – Barbara J. Fullerton (Nov/Dec)
Lexis Sues West Over Use of Shepard’s Mark – Melynda Hill-Teter (Sep/Oct)
MoreLaw Preaches Research Gospel from the Net – Steve Gust (Nov/Dec)
A Package Deal – Jay Seidel (Sep/Oct)
        *  Paralegals Online
        *  Elementary, My Dear Watson- Joni McDonald Wallach (Jan/Feb)
        *  Sour Grapes- Joni McDonald Wallach (Mar/Apr)
        *  Web Site Review- Joni McDonald Wallach (May/Jun)
        *  Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat- Joni McDonald Wallach (Jul/Aug)
        *  Shhh! No Whispering! – Joni McDonald Wallach (Sep/Oct)
        *  Grab Your Cyber Surfboard!- Joni McDonald Wallach (Nov/Dec)
West Loses Copyright Fight – Debra Levy (Sep/Oct)

Beware of Melissa! – Traci Savidge (May/Jun)
Generating Financial Documents With Your Computer – Jeffrey A. Helewitz (Jan/Feb)
        *  Creative Computing
        *  How to Handle the Y2K Problem – Daryl Teshima (Jan/Feb)
        *  Making Perfect Converts – Daryl Teshima (Mar/Apr)
        *  Less is More, – Daryl Teshima (May/Jun)
        *  Safe Computing – Daryl Teshima (Jul/Aug)
        *  Talk is Cheap — Or Better – Robert P. Fox (Sep/Oct)
        *  Let’s Play Computer Jeopardy – Robert P. Fox (Nov/Dec)
Paralegals — Now in Pocket Size? – Mary Micheletti (Jul/Aug)
1999 Technology Survey – Daryl Teshima (Mar/Apr)
And a Paralegal Shall Lead Us – Paul Bernstein, Esq. (May/Jun)
The Power of E-Mentoring – Camille Stuckey Stell, CLAS (May/Jun)
Seventh Circuit Weighs in on Word Processing – Karen Lawrence Coleman (Nov/Dec)
Top 10 Technologies of 1999 – Dwayne E. Krager and Rick R. Thompson (Nov/Dec)
Web Cites – Michelle A. Ayers (Mar/Apr)
Y2K — Apocalypse or Genesis? – Belinda Bass (Nov/Dec)

Tools of the Trade
The Art of the Deal – Jeffrey A. Helewitz(Nov/Dec)
Clients Who are Hearing Impaired – Dee Sharp(Mar/Apr)
Here’s Looking at You, Kid – Christopher A. Pearsall(Nov/Dec)
How to Read a Case – Lana J. Clark(Mar/Apr)
Prepare to Succeed! – Thomas E. Bush(Sep/Oct)
Time Out – Kathy Ruff(Sep/Oct)
Tips & Timesavers
        *  Paralegal Program Checklist (Quick Look Card)
        *  Connect Cities to Counties
        *  Easy Trial-Tracking List
        *  Use Your Comma Sense
        *  Domains Found Here
        *  Letter Quick-Reference
        *  Research Links Can Be Yours
        *  Great Y2K Resource
        *  Web-Based Cheat Sheet
        *  Ten Good CD-ROMS (Quick Look Card)
        *  Better Than Bookmarks
        *  Have a Good Search
        *  Mail by Color
        *  Everybody’s Law Dictionary
        *  ‘Project Day’ Provides Focus
        *  Medical Info on the Web
        *  Better Discovery Request Tracking
        *  Web Site for Notary Help
        *  Check out the Library
        *  Bankruptcy 101 (Quick Look Card)
        *  Quick Currency Conversion
        *  Easy Reference Files Save Time
        *  Are They Really Married?
        *  Follow the Lizard
        *  Aerial Photos – Cheap
        *  Double-Time With Speech Recognition
        *  Catch Cyber-Sneaks
        *  Resources to Advance the Profession (Quick Look Card)
        *  Information Dissemination
        *  Adding Links to Word Processing Documents
        *  Eliminate Calendar Confusion
        *  Better Than Bookmarks or Free Web Pages
        *  Tricks of the Trade (Quick Look Card)
        *  Preventative Medicine
        *  Timesaving Capsules
        *  Bankruptcy Clerk Directory
        *  Shortcuts (Quick Look Card)
        *  Finding an Expert
        *  Answering Complaints
        *  Tracking System
        *  Serving Process
        *  Document Organization
        *  A Few Things I’ve Found Helpful

Hawaii Attacks Document Prep Services – Susan Howery (May/Jun)
Nevada Increases Unauthorized Practice of Law Penalty – Rod Hughes (Jul/Aug)
Nolo Wins Battle in Texas – Rod Hughes (Jul/Aug)
Parent Advocate Accused of UPL – Debra Levy (Mar/Apr)
Proposed Tougher Law Aims to Protect Nevada Legal Consumers – Rod Hughes (May/Jun)
Texas Bans Legal Software – Mary Micheletti (May/Jun)
Virginia Approves UPL Opinion – Natasha Emmons (Mar/Apr)

        *  Legal Writing
        *  Spot the Issue – William Putman (Jan/Feb)
        *  Presenting the Issue – William Putman (Mar/Apr)
        *  Just the Facts Ma’am – William Putman (May/Jun)
        *  Research and Analysis – William Putman (Jul/Aug)
        *  Stating Your Case – William Putman (Sep/Oct)
        *  Conclusions, General Recommendations and Considerations – William Putman (Nov/Dec)

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