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LAT March/April 2008 

Enjoy the Ride
LAT ‘s 16th Annual Salary Survey results show compensation climbed at
a gentle pace in 2007.

By John J. McGurk

Hello World!
American paralegals
working abroad.

By Chere B. Estrin

Landlord and Tenant Law
Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing
real estate specialty.

By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq.

In Good Form
Pattern Interrogatories
for Invasion of Privacy
By Kevin R. Culhane

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Amicus Small Firm
Total practice management designed specifically for solos and small firms.

For more Information about Amicus Small Firm, visit www.amicusattorney.com or call (800) 472-2289.


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A Day in the Life …
                      with Amicus Small Firm

It’s 8:30am.

You arrive at the office, make yourself a cup of coffee, log onto your computer and open up Amicus Attorney to the Dailies module. You instantly see what lies ahead of you today. At the beginning of each day Amicus goes through the entire practice and prepares a report on important items that require your attention. It’s that simple. These proactive practice reminders include today’s critical events, advice on managing your to-do list, reminders to make or post time entries, suggestions for business development and more.

With one glance at the Dailies, you see a reminder that there is a follow-up call with Mr. Smith first thing. You also see that there is a call at 9:00am with Mr. Johnson to give him an update on his file.

You open up the calendar in Amicus with one click and see all of the appointments, deadlines and to-dos. Directly from your calendar, you open up Mr. Johnson’s file in Amicus and have instant access to all of the information about each matter on the file, including a file summary, notes, summaries of telephone calls, e-mails, a list of posted and un-posted time entries, legal research, all the documents and everything else related to the work that’s been done. You know, with confidence, that the responsible lawyer on the case is ready for the 9:00am call.

It’s 8:33am.

The Calendar in Amicus looks quite full for the day so you recommend that the follow-up call with Mr. Smith be made before the 9:00am call to get that out of the way.

Mr. Smith is a stickler for details but you know all of the relevant information on each matter is in Amicus, including the document to be discussed and the pertinent e-mail he asked about the day before.

You click the phone button on Mr. Smith’s business card to dial the call on behalf of the lawyer. 

It’s 8:34am.

You get Mr. Smith on the phone. He is pleased that the call was remembered. Using the Timer in Amicus, you know that the time spent on the call discussing his matter will be tracked. You know that after the call, it will become a full entry on the lawyer’s time sheet with the duration of the activity, date and file details filled in. You also know you don’t have to worry about entering the details into the accounting system as the time entry will automatically be sent to Amicus Accounting.

Using Amicus, anyone in the firm can see a complete chronology regarding each of Mr. Smith’s matters. This is a good thing as Mr. Smith likes immediate answers to his questions. You can see all of the time everyone on the team has spent — plus running totals. Details of any given activity are just a click away.

Mr. Smith often wants to know what work is still in progress and what he will be billed for in the month. No problem. With Amicus Accounting, Client Details and Matter Details are instantly available, including WIP Time, WIP Expenses, A/R Fees and Expenses, Year and Life to Date balances.

It’s 8:57am.

A yellow “sticky” pops up on your screen. A lawyer in the firm has a few moments to sign those documents you have for him before his 9:00am call. With “Sticky Messages” in Amicus, you can send instant messages to anyone on your team — they appear on the screen like “yellow stickies.” A useful way to get someone’s attention without getting lost in their e-mail or voice mail.

It’s now 9:00am.

You find Mr. Johnson’s contact card and click on the phone icon … “I have Mr. Johnson on the phone for you…”

You sit back and wonder how you ever managed without Amicus.

Amicus Small Firm combines complete and integrated practice management capabilities with time, billing and full legal accounting, all in one feature-rich package — perfected for small firms.


See how indispensable Amicus Small Firm can be in your firm.  Call 800-472-2289 or visit our website for a FREE TRIAL.

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