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Amicus Attorney

Do more. Bill more. Go home early.™

For more Information about Amicus Attorney, visit www.amicusattorney.com or call (800) 472-2289.

Contact Information:
Amicus Attorney
Gavel & Gown Software Inc.
365 Bay Street, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5H 2V1
M5H 1L5 Canada
[email protected]

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Gavel & Gown Software Inc. continues to advance its award-wining practice management solution. The latest offering, Amicus Attorney 7, is an innovative suite of tools focused on better organizing law firms, increasing billable time and productivity, improving communications and ensuring deadlines are never missed.

Works The Way You Do

Designed by lawyers for lawyers, integration and natural workflow are the keys to how Amicus Attorney works for you. Everything is available in the context in which you need it — consistent and up to date across all your practice tools in your firm. When you schedule an event on a file, it is in your calendar automatically. When any task is done it can instantly produce a time entry. When you make a phone call, Amicus Attorney pulls the client and file information into the call record and passes it to the automatic time entry. Information need only be entered once and is available wherever and whenever you need it.

Extremely Easy To Use

Amicus Attorney is so easy to use that you will be up and running almost instantly. The modules and all onscreen images look just like the tools you already use, so it’s easy to understand them. Most importantly, they all work together in the way you would expect so there’s a natural workflow to everything you do.

 Work Smarter, Increase Your Efficiency

Appointments, deadlines and “to dos” are clearly highlighted in your calendar. All the e-mails and the phone messages you have not yet responded to are listed in your Communications Module. Automatic reminders ensure that no file will slip between the cracks. You’ll be able to work smarter and increase your efficiency effortlessly with Amicus Attorney.

 Runs With Your Other Practice Tools

Amicus Attorney shares your practice information with other important tools, including PDAs, billing and accounting applications, document assembly tools, word processors, document management, scanners and court docketing software. Integrate your online research. Manage e-mail directly in Amicus Attorney and organize your
e-mails by client/matter and contact. In fact, Amicus Attorney 7 works seamlessly from within applications as well, including Microsoft Office programs and WordPerfect. Do a time entry while in Word — it’s that easy. 

Improved Customization

Unlimited custom fields and custom records means you can track whatever unique information you want in your practice. Control the layout of custom pages and design any kind of form you need. Specify properties for custom fields that range from making fields required to including them in conflict searches (and more). 

Work from Where You Want, When You Want

Amicus Attorney lets you work anywhere. If you need to use someone else’s desk, you can log into Amicus from any PC in your firm and have it behave as if you are at your own desk. If you use a notebook PC, simply disconnect from the network and all your practice information goes with you. If you install Amicus Attorney on your home PC, connect to your office and use it across the Internet (just set up your office network to allow secure remote connections — it’s built into recent versions of Windows). Or access Amicus Attorney via the Internet using the Amicus Attorney Browser Access capability. 

Powerful And Flexible

Revolutionary, leading-edge technology works behind the scenes to power a wealth of functionality. All you see is the familiar, easy-to-use graphical interface that Amicus Attorney users know so well. The SQL relational database provides enhanced performance and multiple cross-references between all of your information types. And Amicus Attorney 7 is built on the latest .NET architecture. 

Enjoy Practicing Law Again

For more than a decade, Amicus Attorney has set the standard for improving efficiencies and increasing billable time — that’s why it’s the world’s most widely used practice management software. So sleep better at night knowing your clients are in good hands and no file will fall between the cracks. You’re on top of your practice.

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