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The Top Firms are Switching to Best Case® Bankruptcy.

Best Case Bankruptcy
By Best Case Solutions, Inc.
820 Davis Street, Ste. 410
P.O. Box 32
Evanston, IL 60204-0032
Web: www.bestcase.com
e-mail: [email protected]
Toll-free: (800) 492-8037
Telephone: (847) 492-8037
Facsimile: (847) 492-8038

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“After years of using both the Windows and DOS versions of TopForm, we became dissatisfied with both versions. We tried ‘Best Case’ based upon a review in Law Office Computing. We have never regretted this decision. A fairly novice user, with only a basic grasp of bankruptcy forms, can use Best Case very quickly. The learning curve is so short…Best Case produces an excellent output. We would not hesitate to recommend it. In fact, I have done so.”
— D. Blair Clark, Attorney, Ringert & Clark Chartered Lawyers, Boise, ID

The Professional’s Tool
With bankruptcy filings at an all-time high and new privacy rules in effect, it is more important than ever that you have an efficient, reliable system for preparing debtors’ forms. Best Case Bankruptcy is the easiest and most advanced bankruptcy program available, and is used by sole practitioners, mid-size law firms, and the largest firms in the country. Best Case users report that it takes 50-75% less time to prepare each petition, leaving attorneys more time to concentrate on the legal issues at hand.

OneTouch™ Electronic Case Filing
Best Case Bankruptcy offers the simplest, quickest way to file electronically. Just click a button to create files for electronic filing, then click our OneTouch™ button to upload files to the court’s web site. Our exclusive OneTouch™ Electronic Filing system is now available in every live CM/ECF district. To ease your transition to electronic filing, Best Case Solutions offers easy-to-follow instructions, a video tutorial, and top-notch technical support. No other bankruptcy software makes electronic filing so easy!

Features that Meet Your Needs
Best Case Bankruptcy offers many features and benefits to save you time and ensure consistency throughout each filing. Our software is user-friendly and intuitively easy to follow. Time-saving features in Best Case Bankruptcy reflect over ten years of experience working with law firms nationwide to create the best bankruptcy software available.

Links between schedules allow you to copy information from one schedule to another without retyping. A Common Creditor List saves names, addresses, and contact information of creditors you encounter frequently. Common creditors can be imported from most competing programs when you switch to Best Case® Bankruptcy, making your transition a smooth one. Our new credit report import feature saves time and effort. Our macro phrase feature allows you to save your own common phrases, and our AddressHelper™ fills in the city and state with each zip code you enter, reducing data entry time and the chance for typos. The creditor address matrix is formatted according to each local court’s guidelines, and exemption statutes are included for all states. As you claim property as exempt, common exemption statutes appear at the top of the list based on the type of property. You can customize settings such as your Attorney Compensation Statement, exemptions, the order of forms, and various printing options through the Setup Menu.

Making Quick Work of Large Corporate Filings
Many firms rely on Best Case® Bankruptcy to produce petitions for large, corporate filings. Best Case® Bankruptcy offers many advanced features that can help you prepare these cases on a short deadline.

One of the biggest time-savers is our creditor import/export feature, available in Schedules D, E, F, G, and the List of Equity Security Holders. If your client provides you with a text file of addresses, you can import them directly into Best Case® Bankruptcy without retyping. (Also available for property schedules.) Based on information you enter in the schedules, Best Case Bankruptcy will assemble the List of Creditors Holding 20 Largest Unsecured Claims automatically. A creditor matrix on disk can be produced with just a mouse-click. The Proof of Claim and Involuntary Petition are included with every package, and our Proof of Claim wizard allows you to produce several Proof of Claim forms for creditors at once when you represent the debtor in a case.

The limitations in other bankruptcy software packages make it difficult to prepare large cases, but Best Case Bankruptcy offers the flexibility you need and produces great-looking, professional forms. Some software limits the number of creditors you can add to each case, but you can add tens of thousands in Best Case. Use our easy attachment feature if you need to add lengthy explanations to documents. Our Multi-User Network Version is a must for firms handling corporate cases, as it allows several people in the program simultaneously, sharing client data, and offers the same rock-solid reliability as our single-user versions. Isn’t it time to find out why over 9,000 law firms have switched to Best Case Bankruptcy?

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