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BillQuick® 2005 Version 6.0

BQE Software, Inc.
2601 Airport Drive
Suite 380
Torrance, CA 90505
(888) 245-5669
[email protected]

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Fast: Enter time and expense in as little as three keystrokes.
Smart: Reviews client information and bills automatically. Seamless integration with QuickBooks and Microsoft Office®.
Safe: Complete security module included. Allow employees to enter their time but limit their access to confidential information.
Flexible: All Invoices, Statements and reports are completely customizable with Crystal Reports. Microsoft Access, MSDE & SQL server compatible database.
Accurate: Timers (stopwatches) track your activities with precision and ensure no time goes unrecorded and unbilled.
Powerful: Network compatible for multiple users. Web Interface, Palm, Pocket PC, Mobile Phone and Email applications available for Off-Site time and expense entry.

Robust and flexible, BillQuick Time and Billing serves the needs of large and small legal firms while remaining simple to use and maintain. It manages client, matter and employee data as well as billing and expense codes. Quick to implement and easy to use, BillQuick employs a logical, menu-driven layout that shares many characteristics with the Microsoft Office 2003 family. Implementing BillQuick in your office will result in reduced overhead, more accurate time tracking, more flexible invoicing, and increased revenue.

BillQuick supports invoicing by hourly, hourly with a "not to exceed" clause, recurring fees, fixed fee and billing based on a percentage of settlement amount. It also accommodates trust fund accounting (AR). With BillQuick you can efficiently manage matters and firm profitability.

Time Cards
Fee Schedules within BillQuick allow unlimited bill rates which can be assigned to any combination of employee, billing code and matter. BillQuick’s Time Card allows unlimited notes per slip, including shorthand macros and spell-checking. Stopwatch timers capture the most accurate hours and virtually eliminate the time entry burden. Multitaskers can open multiple timers, switching from one to another or running many simultaneously. Among BillQuick’s 400+ reports are numerous formats for time slip verification, time review and analysis and WIP reports, as well as pre-billing and draft invoices.

BillQuick also offers add-ons for remote entry and management of data. The Web Interface module allows you to record time and expenses and retrieve billing data with a few keystrokes via any browser (PC/MAC). BillQuick eTools handles time and expense records via email. BillQuick Palm and BillQuick CE support time and expense capture on Palm Pilot and Pocket PC devices. All modules automatically sync with your BillQuick database.

Over 60 invoice formats are included, each with varying amounts of detail. Unlimited time and expense memos and unlimited length invoice memos may be included on invoices. Invoice memos can be added prior to and after processing the bill without reversing and reprocessing the invoice. For demanding clients, invoice formats may be assigned at the matter level. All invoice and report templates are completely customizable.

Document Management
New for BillQuick 2005. Bring all of your matter documents and email into a custom structure on your PC or Server. Organize your folder tree by Lead Attorney, Client, Matter, etc. Hotlink to all important documents and communication. Information at your fingertips!

Payroll Integration
New for BillQuick 2005. Take employee time records directly into QuickBooks Payroll. Transfer through QuickBooks is not required. Save time by automating payroll processing.

BillQuick-QuickBooks® Integration
Real-time, two-way synchronization brings two best-of-breed applications together into a single virtual solution. Integration is complete, automated and configurable. When data is entered, modified or deleted in one program, it updates in the other immediately – in real-time. Never enter data twice!

Timeslips®-to-BillQuick Conversion Utility
Converts more Timeslips data, more intelligently, than any other tool. Rather than unrecoverable costs resulting from hundreds of non-billable hours spent manually re-entering hundreds or thousands of clients, matters, invoices, payments and other records, the Timeslips-to-BillQuick conversion utility completely automates the transfer process and specialized customer support is available to complement the tool. The utility is free and available on the BillQuick website.

BillQuick adapts to the way you run your business, from custom terminology and settings to matter processing, invoice layout and custom reporting. With BillQuick’s open architecture, it is possible to greatly enhance and customize BillQuick’s features to your office’s unique needs with add-on’s and custom modules.


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