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The editors and staff of Paralegal Today welcome you to the Paralegal Today Bulletin! This periodic e-mail news bulletin will help to keep you current on happenings in the paralegal profession in between issues of Paralegal Today. The e-mail bulletin will provide a glimpse into upcoming Paralegal Today issues, hot-off-the-press news briefs, press releases, announcements and notice of Web site updates.

Of course, our goal is not to flood your e-mail inboxes with useless information. The Paralegal Today Bulletin will be delivered in moderation. You can expect to receive no more than 2 issues of the Paralegal Today Bulletin each month.

We will continue to update you as to the availability of future issues of Paralegal Today, while also offering samplings of substantive content in the form of exclusive expert commentary on various paralegal topics, feature story digests that contain some information available only through the News Bulletin and breaking news briefs.

One of the best features of this bulletin is that it’s free! This e-mail bulletin is further evidence of Paralegal Today’s commitment to excellence, accuracy and total timely coverage of the profession.

Your continued support of Paralegal Today is greatly appreciated!

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