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Client Profiles
The tools you need to adapt.

Learn more about Client Profiles™ Software, Network Integration and Professional Services today.
Call us toll-free at 866.720.5005 or visit www.clientprofiles.com

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Client Profiles™efficiently organizes your firm’s technology and streamlines all daily functions. We have the ability to assist your firm’s requirements in managing your financial and practice management system as well as any technology needs or challenges that may hinder your ability to practice law. Client Profiles™ makes your practice better and as a result,profits increase.

Based on over 16 years of input from more than 1000 law practices, Client Profiles delivers innovation customized to your needs. Quite simply, Client Profiles has the most adaptable, easy to use, revolutionary case and financial management system available in the marketplace. Now the company that supports your practice management solution brings the same quality, service and expertise to all of your network and desktop needs.

Our Guiding Light
The true strength behind the Client Profiles software is our customer base. During the past decade, 4 out of 5 Client Profiles software enhancements came directly from recommendations or requests from our clients. With more than 12,000 lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and litigation experts guiding our steps,Client Profiles is assured of retaining the position as the most powerful case management application in the market.

Dedicated to Law Firms
Client Profiles is small enough to focus on your needs, big enough to meet them, and innovative enough to anticipate them. With a staff of 48 legal technology experts, installations in 29 states, and a diversified revenue stream,Client Profiles is positioned to become an even more powerful player in the law office automation market!

A System — Not Just Software
Client Profiles provides true integration by implementing a complete solution supported by a full range of professional services—pre-installation planning, data conversion, software, network configuration, installation, onsite training, managed onsite support, software maintenance updates and help desk assistance. Our company offers an experienced group of law office technology experts to ensure the best technology and support today, every day and into the future.

Stability and Maturity
Client Profiles delivers a mature proven product based on 3 generations of software technology and 9 major version releases. Unlike the companies that are now attempting to adapt standalone MS/DOS applications, Client Profiles was originally developed to support large case information databases with products designed for complex case management installations and has the experience and track record to handle the processing requirements for the most demanding practices.

Client Profiles is unique in its ability to systematically refresh its mature, proven practice and financial management application providing the best of both reliability and innovation in the process. In 2003 Client Profiles was first to market with Microsoft .NET technology, the foundation for seamless integration, led in the area of virtual office, mobile support releases including a fully integrated Tablet PC, and introduced powerful features designed to streamline work flow and increase productivity with a single step imaging system to manage your practices variety of incoming documents.

Each Client Profiles account is provided with the latest version or build of the software as part of their annual maintenance plan. Customer requested feature are added as enhancements to the standard system and rolled out as a software release to everyone. This philosophy provides the foundation for a reliable software application and significantly simplifies support for the product.

Powerful Foundation
Client Profiles runs on the Microsoft SQL 2000 database platform, the industry’s de facto standard for client/server technology. By partnering with Microsoft, Client Profiles offers law firms peace of mind in knowing that their system is supported by the power and stability associated with MS/SQL. Client Profiles is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Client Profiles has your law firm covered. With eight main application modules, over 150 case templates, more than 75 related party types, over 1000 definable fields, and an unlimited number of customizable pick lists, Client Profiles is clearly the most comprehensive case management solution in the industry.

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