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LAT March/April 2008 

On the Pulse
LAT ‘s 7th Annual Technology Survey results reveal more paralegals feel the beat of technology.
By Amanda Flatten
Statistical analysis by
Darrell Patton

What’s On?
The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry.

By Milton Hooper

Taming the Terabyte
A paralegal’s guide to reining in electronically stored information.
By Sally A. Kane

In Good Form
Increasing the Value of Mental and Emotional
Injury Cases

By John D. Winer

Table of Contents


2007 Directory of
Electronic Discovery Vendors
July/August 2007 Issue



Image Capture Engineering

IPRO Tech Inc.

Kroll Ontrack

LuciData, Inc.

Merrill Legal Solutions


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CaseData, A Division of Océ Business Services

576 W. 900 S.

Bountiful, UT 84010

Phone 801-951-2400

Toll free 1-866-227-3328

Email [email protected]

CaseData is a division of Océ Business Services and an early eDiscovery pioneer. We offer a comprehensive solution for electronic and paper based discovery that incorporates advanced processes and technology. CaseData’s Six Sigma expertise and consistently high performance have managed costs and improved results for leading law firms and large enterprises challenged by litigation and regulatory action.

CaseData, a leading litigation technology and eDiscovery provider, manages all aspects of your paper and electronic discovery. Our comprehensive, integrated portfolio of technology and services includes

  • strategic consultation and project planning,

  • data collection and harvesting,

  • data restoration,

  • complex searching and mining,

  • processing,

  • metadata extraction, and

  • online review and production with our proprietary ASP, dataDeliver™.



13427 NE 16th St,

Suite 200

Bellevue, WA 98005

Phone: 800-421-8398

[email protected]

LexisNexis Hosted FYI delivers comprehensive data management know-how for processing, storing, retrieving, analyzing, reviewing, redacting and sharing discovery documents. Utilizing the award-winning FYI software, LexisNexis offers a secure, centralized, multi-user web review tool that can be quickly deployed for law firms, corporations and government agencies.

Hosted FYI boasts a vast technology infrastructure and is staffed by network engineers, database administrators, software developers and litigation support professionals. The combined strength of our award-winning online software and expert services helps you control risk more easily, reduce litigation costs and efficiently manage your discovery teams.

Now part of LexisNexis Litigation Services, the Concordance product line provides one of the most powerful, effective ways for law firms, corporations and government agencies to internally and externally manage litigation documents. Whether accessing documents from your desktop, laptop or the web, the Concordance product family makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze discovery.


Image Capture Engineering, Inc.

8710 F Street, Suite 128

Omaha, NE 68127


[email protected]

The PreDiscovery™ process developed by Image Capture Engineering, Inc. streamlines electronic discovery by allowing users to easily and intelligently cull down data prior to review. Legal Professionals everywhere use LAW 5.0 PreDiscovery™ to: 

  • Extract text and metadata from mailstores and electronic documents

  • Cull by full-text or Boolean searches

  • Convert responsive files to tiff or print to paper

  • Review and reprocess converted files

  • Perform distributed processing for faster tiff conversion, OCR and endorsement

  • Create custom loadfiles for images, full-text and native files

Call us today to see how using LAW 5.0 can save you time and money!


IPRO Tech Inc.

9630 North 25th Ave, Suite 450

Phoenix AZ 85021

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST

Local: 602-324-4776, Fax: 602-324-4784

Email: [email protected]

IPRO Tech has revolutionized the methods of litigation support by developing the industry’s most powerful suite of software that captures, indexes, and analyzes litigation data.

IPRO Tech offers a diverse suite of solutions from robust imaging, annotating, and indexing tools, to specialized document viewing and desktop imaging tools.  We have applied and refined over 14 years of real-world knowledge and experience to our suite of software.

To date, IPRO Tech has installed over 1200 imaging systems of various sizes and configurations in law firms, corporate legal departments, law schools and litigation services organizations. Millions of pages per year are scanned, indexed, viewed, printed and produced with IPRO Tech software. The American Lawyer Magazine recently completed a survey of the top 100 (by gross revenue) law firms in the United States and found that IPRO Tech software is by far the most widely used imaging software.


Kroll Ontrack

9023 Columbine Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Phone: 1-952-937-1107

Fax: 1-952-937-5750

Toll Free: 1-800-347-6105

Kroll Ontrack Inc. ( provides large scale electronic and paper-based discovery, computer forensics, and data recovery solutions to help companies, law firms, and government agencies quickly and cost-effectively review, manage and produce relevant evidence. Kroll Ontrack has been recognized as the most used electronic discovery provider by AmLaw Tech (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006), Law Office Computing (2004 & 2005), Legal Assistant Today (2005) and received Law Technology News’ “Electronic Discovery System of the Year” award in 2004 for ElectronicDataViewer™, its proprietary online document review tool. Kroll Ontrack, based in Eden Prairie, Minn., is a wholly owned division of Kroll Inc., the world’s leading risk consulting company.


LuciData, Inc.

Cherie Mitchell

300 Lumber Exchange

10 South 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55402


[email protected]

LuciData proactively assists with data forensics services, including full-scale forensics investigations. We employ E-Discovery methods and technologies that accelerate the discovery process and deliver the evidence you need to achieve the results you want. In addition, we offer expert testimony backed by an impressive track record of success in bringing cases to settlement.

With LuciData, you also have a trusted team of consultants and analysts with unsurpassed expertise, confidence and experience.

Whether it’s for litigation, regulatory probes, or internal investigations of employee-related incidents, LuciData can provide you with strategic planning and services for E-Discovery of the most sought-after evidence, including email and computer system data. We can also assist you in preparing interrogatories and planning for depositions that yield critical pieces of evidence that otherwise might go uncovered.


Merrill Legal Solutions

Cliff Frank, Business Development Manager

One Merrill Circle

St. Paul, MN 55108


With the recent amendments to the Federal Rules, the preparation, organization and management of electronic information has never been more critical to litigation success. Through every step of the discovery process, Merrill helps to solve our clients’ discovery challenges. From our expert consultants, who help ensure each project is structured to be thorough and efficient, to our collection and processing, Merrill helps you quickly and thoroughly identify, collect and load all the relevant data. Now with the added resources of Lextranet, Merrill provides a completely scalable, on-demand online document repository for easy review of document collections. If paper delivery is required, Merrill can leverage its world-class facilities for quick and accurate turnaround. Additionally, Merrill’s case and transcript management give the ability to share all aspects of your case and keep everyone on your team up to date. Merrill Legal Solutions delivers timely, cost-effective solutions for your electronic discovery needs.

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