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Paralegal Today Listserv – Guidelines

We want the Paralegal Today Discussion Group to be as useful as possible. In order to accomplish that goal, we ask that you follow these guidelines. By doing so, you will allow each member of the Paralegal Today Discussion Group to get the most out of this group.

The Paralegal Today Discussion Group is a free e-mail discussion group for members of the paralegal profession. Its goal is to provide a place where members of the profession can come together to discuss important issues, ask pertinent questions and receive valuable information and advice.

In order to accomplish these goals, the list administrator and members of the Legal Assistant Today staff reserve the right to direct discussion, make decisions regarding membership and delete inappropriate messages from the group’s archive.


  • Short and Sweet – Try to keep all messages as short and to the point as possible.

  • Attachments – Please do not send attachments to the group.

  • Unsubscribe – Please do not send a message to the group asking how to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe information can be found at the bottom of each group message and on the FAQ page.

  • Quoting in Replies – Please refrain from quoting the entirety of the original message in your reply. Usually you only need to quote a few lines in order to bring others into context with your comments.

  • Appropriate Subject – Please be sure to include an appropriate subject on each message. Since there will often be messages which only interest a portion of other members, an appropriate subject line will help other members determine if your message interests them. Messages with no subjects will not be sent to the group. When replying to a message, please be sure to leave the original subject in tact.

  • Signature Size – Please limit the size of your signature. Since this is a forum for professionals, signatures are indeed appropriate to identify individuals. However, we ask that you limit your signature files to 10 lines or less.

  • Autoreply – If you are planning on turning on an autoreply while you are on vacation, please be sure that is does not respond to any e-mail from the group. If necessary, unsubscribe from the group before you leave. You can always read the archives of this list to see what you missed.

  • Unsolicited advertisements – Please do not send e-mail advertisements to the group. Such posts could result in the sender being permanently removed from the Paralegal Today Discussion Group. Please also refrain from sending unsolicited e-mail advertisements to people who post on this list.

  • If someone sends something to the list which you feel is inappropriate or in questionable taste, please refrain from complaining to the group and contact the list administrator instead.

  • Please note that this is a public forum. All posts are publicly accessible from the group’s site.

Inappropriate Posts

Individuals who send out e-mails which fall into one of the following categories may be permanently removed from the Paralegal Today Discussion Group:

  • Unsolicited advertisements, press releases, job postings and chain letters
  • Containing signatures of more than 10 lines
  • Inappropriate/offensive language or content
  • Anonymous author

If you feel that someone has posted an inappropriate post to the Paralegal Today-Forum, please forward the post to the list administrator.



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