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Lawyers are asking for Storm CD’s

Jon Rowe, StormX
Executive Vice President
Image Capture Engineering, Inc.
8710 F St, Ste 128
Omaha, NE 68127

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“Lawgical Choice was already using Legal Access Ware and Z-Print from Image Capture Engineering and knew the company created quality software.”
John Cowling
Lawgical Choice
One Metropolitan Square
Suite 1800
St. Louis, MO 63102-2740
(314) 621-5070

Lawgical Choice is a legal technology company in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was formed by Armstrong Teasdale, a 200-lawyer firm with its main office in St. Louis, to provide legal support services to the firm’s clients and other firms. The staff of Lawgical Choice are legal professionals and always strive to provide services that conform to the needs of lawyers, their staff and clients.

“Our focus is on providing services and tools that integrate with the practice of law,” said John Cowling, President of Lawgical Choice. “We are constantly looking for solutions that are simple to use but, at the same time, are powerful enough to be truly useful to attorneys and paralegals, as well as clients and witnesses. Busy professionals often do not have a lot of time to learn complex software. Clients and witnesses are also reluctant to purchase software that will only be used for limited purposes.” Cowling said he is constantly testing software in search for just the right tools for the needs of his customers.

Lawgical Choice was looking for a simple and cost effective way to provide access to images and database information to persons outside of the law firm. Allowing clients and witnesses, for example, to view database information and images, search the data, make notes and annotate the images would fill an important need in the litigation process. On line databases are one solution to this problem, but not every case can justify the cost and time needed to set up and maintain a database on line.

Another solution was to use Briefcase in Summation or convert the images to pdf, create an index from the database and burn it onto a CD. “These solutions,” Cowling noted, “are static. We were looking for a solution that allowed the users to easily annotate the images and take notes about the documents during the review.”

Then Cowling heard about StormX from Image Capture Engineering. Cowling was excited when he read about the features in StormX. “It sounded like StormX would be ideal for many situations where we want to provide access to case data and images on a limited basis to clients and witnesses.” Lawgical Choice was already using Legal Access Ware and Z-Print from Image Capture Engineering and knew the company created quality software. Lawgical Choice also uses Summation extensively. The fit looked good.

StormX allows Summation database data, images and OCR text to be exported directly from Summation. The user can choose what to export, including what records to export, which database fields will be included and whether to include the OCR text. StormX formats the data and creates all of the files needed, including autorun files, to burn the data onto a CD or series of CDs.

A free Storm viewer is typically distributed with the CDs. The user simply installs the viewer and copies the data files to his or her PC hard drive. The Storm viewer allows the user to view the database data, images and OCR text in one integrated application. The user can search all of the data, make notes during the record review and even annotate the images. The notes and annotations can even be sent back to the law firm and imported back into the Summation case.

“StormX exceeded our expectations,” said Cowling. “Clients and expert witnesses have commented favorably on the ease of use and functionality of the Storm viewer. Lawyers like the fact that clients do not have to purchase any software. Lawyers are even asking for Storm CDs to take with them to allow them to review case documents and e-mails when they are out of the office.”

“Image Capture Engineering has done it again. StormX is a homerun,” concluded Cowling.


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