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Image Capture Engineering

Put Speed and Efficiency at Your Fingertips with LAWtsi!

To download a demo version of LAWtsi or to view an online demonstration video, visit our website: www.imagecap.com/lawtsi.html or call (800) 376-6989.

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“We found LAWtsi was easy to use and more affordable than the alternatives.”
— M. P., California

Legal Access Ware touch screen interface (LAWtsi) has an intuitive touch screen interface that makes it easy for users to learn how to perform production-level scanning on multi-function devices in a matter of minutes. After the images are scanned, LAWtsi can create OCR and searchable PDF files at the rate of more than 7000 pages per hour. The resulting images and indexes are easily loaded into popular litigation support databases and trial presentation applications.

Leveraging Multi-Function Devices
Many law firms have purchased multi-function devices (MFDs) which may also be used as high-speed scanners. Some legal professionals have the impression that their MFDs include software which not only scans, but also loads the scanned documents into a litigation database. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Unless the scanning software being used is litigation-specific, loading the images and coded data into a law case file can be a chore.

To solve this problem, Image Capture Engineering (ICE) developed the scanning application, LAWtsi. LAWtsi combines all of the production level scanning features of Legal Access Ware (LAW) with a touch screen interface that mimics the interfaces on most digital scanners. Since the interface is so intuitive and easy to use, customers are able to train their imaging staff in minutes. LAWtsi was specifically designed to allow customers to use their MFD or desktop scanners to scan directly into existing LAW projects with ease. Once the pages are scanned, you can import the files into popular file formats such as:  Summation, Concordance/Opticon, Ringtail, Introspect, iConect, DBTextworks, CaseMap, Sanction, Trial Dircector, Visionary, IPRO, and Doculex.

Production Toolkit
In addition to scanning documents, LAWtsi includes other production tools for legal professionals such as:

ü Renumbering documents for opposing counsel
ü Producing searchable PDF files
ü Freely distributable viewer

When using LAWtsi, users can freely distribute subsets to opposing as well as co-counsel and experts who may not have litigation support databases. Storm, which is also developed by ICE, is a review tool that allows end users to add notes and search unlimited database fields and full text content simultaneously. ICE has also partnered with iArchives to provide OWRTM (Optical Word Recognition) to its clients. Storm performs multi-colored hit highlighting on the OWRTM search results directly on the scanned image.

Affordable Scanning Made Easy
LAWtsi is the most affordable and practical scanning solution for digital copiers and is another reason that Image Capture Engineering is the world leader in litigation imaging and electronic discovery applications.

For additional information on Legal Access Ware and the new touch screen interface license, as well as our other software packages, please call Image Capture Engineering at (800) 376-6989 or view a demonstration video and download a demo version at our website: www.imagecap.com.

LAWtsi’s Features:

  • Drive multi-function devices at top-rated speeds
  • Create OCR and searchable PDF files at more than 7000 pagers per hour
  • Easily import images and indexes into your litigation support data bases
  • Train users in minutes
  • Freely distributable image viewer
  • Image hit highlighting
  • Seamless integration with ICE electronic discovery platform
  • Supports common digital copier/scanners
  • Control by touch screen or keyboard
  • Barcode recognition
  • Deskew, despeck, auto-crop and black border removal
  • Preview image enhancements before saving
  • Easily insert, delete and replace pages or documents
  • Track and renumber pages
  • Supports Access, SQL and ADS projects
  • View all existing LAW cases
  • Scans directly into LAW databases
  • Works with all backend LAW processes


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