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RSI Increased Revenues by 20% Just by Using Prophet!
"Prophet is the missing link"
Jon Rowe
Executive Vice President
Image Capture Engineering, Inc.
8710 F St, Suite 128
Omaha, NE 68127
Toby Walton
Director of Operations
1828 Walnut, Suite 600
Kansas City, MO 64108
(800) 633-6125


Founded in 1969, RSI is a leading provider of medical record collection and document management services and has worked on some of the largest mass-tort and product liability litigation in history. RSI is recognized nationally as the single-source solution for litigation and discovery services. Coupled with a high-quality staff that includes software engineers, programmers, multimedia designers and producers, RSI will work with you to achieve your specific goals. A thoroughly trained project manager will oversee each project from start to finish. From pre-discovery to post-decision, your virtual litigation support partner is RSI.

RSI Uses Prophet to Track Productivity and Labor Costs

RSI was looking for ways to track productivity and labor costs. "We had developed a number of production tracking systems to track everything from productivity to billing," said Toby Walton, Director of Operations for RSI. "But in the end, those tracking systems still required the operators to make note of larger-sized scans, color scans, hand-placed originals, etc. Since our operators are focused on quality and speed, they may miss noting these special instances, which are billed at higher rates."

In the past, the RSI production staff tracked all the unique billable events on work orders for input into the electronic system after each project was completed. The paperwork took away from the production schedule, wasn’t 100% accurate, and this important information wasn’t available to managers until the job was completed.

When RSI learned that Prophet User Tracking and Job Management Software from Image Capture Engineering was able to track scanner adjustments for page size, color, and hand placement and also was able to generate reports in real-time, they wanted to try it out for themselves.

It Pays to Use Prophet

"I ran Prophet concurrently with our old tracking system for 60 days. We saw a 20% revenue increase just by having Prophet track those unique billable events. Prophet has already paid for itself, and now it pays us!" said Toby. "Because Prophet tracks data as operators work, the need for tracking in another system is eliminated. Additional money has also been saved by the elimination of a position that performed database development and maintenance, data entry and report generation. We now let Prophet worry about tracking each job."

Productivity and Throughput Increases with Prophet

"Not only has Prophet found our missing revenues, it has been a huge time-saver." said Toby. By tracking productions in real-time, operators can stay focused on speed and quality and managers are able to easily pin-point any problems that may arise. "Since we installed Prophet, our jobs have been running more smoothly and efficiently. I feel that our time and equipment are being used more effectively, which has also increased our throughput which increases our profit margins."

Using Prophet Improves Client Communications

RSI’s management team can now generate reports as needed without having to wait for the numbers to be entered into the system. Jobs are now displayed with real-time stats on an electronic "white board." Managers are able to keep clients aware of the progress of each project which greatly improves client communication. The production staff can quickly determine if the work is graded properly, which allows them to adjust the price and due date if necessary.

100% Accurate Real-Time Reports with Prophet

RSI’s management team loves the real-time and historical reporting that Prophet gives them. With Prophet, RSI is able to generate reports on productivity, profit and loss, and production volume with the push of a button. "Prophet is the missing link in a production environment," says Toby. "Not only are you able to access real-time data, the information reported is 100% accurate. Prophet is truly priceless. Thank you Image Capture Engineering!"


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