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LAT March/April 2008 

Enjoy the Ride
LAT ‘s 16th Annual Salary Survey results show compensation climbed at
a gentle pace in 2007.

By John J. McGurk

Hello World!
American paralegals
working abroad.

By Chere B. Estrin

Landlord and Tenant Law
Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing
real estate specialty.

By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq.

In Good Form
Pattern Interrogatories
for Invasion of Privacy
By Kevin R. Culhane

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Image Capture Engineering
Process everything from paper to electronic documents and mailstores with Law 5.0 PreDiscovery

For more information about LAW 5.0 PreDiscovery™ software from Image Capture Engineering, visit our website: www.imagecap.com/law_overview.html or call us at (800) 376-6989.


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Personal computers, e-mail and the internet have transformed the way the world communicates. An estimated 93% of all new business documents are created and stored digitally, the majority of which are never printed. Not surprisingly, most litigation today involves the production of significant amounts of electronic evidence. With the new changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, failure to pursue electronic data in discovery can lead to court sanctions or, in extreme instances, even to malpractice.

Legal professionals face the tremendous challenge of compliance with electronic discovery requests, not only in terms of the scope of the project, but often under rapidly approaching deadlines and with limited resources and budgets at their disposal. As an innovator and leader in imaging and electronic discovery software, Image Capture Engineering, Inc. (ICE) has developed a product that that incorporates the necessary tools needed to handle even the most demanding EDD cases while maintaining control of costs. LAW 5.0 PreDiscovery™ software is a full-featured production-level imaging and electronic discovery solution. This new version of the award-winning Legal Access Ware (LAW) software allows users to process everything from paper to electronic discovery and mailstores in one easy-to-use package.

The PreDiscovery™ Process

Preparing for an electronic discovery review is an arduous task. It often requires firms to respond quickly. In the past, many firms had these two choices when dealing with electronic files: they could print all the e-mails and attachments and prepare for a manual review, or they could send the files to a vendor for processing. These options can be costly—both in terms of time and money.

PreDiscovery™ is the cost-effective approach ICE developed to accelerate the electronic discovery review process. Often there are very broad requests for information which could produce more data then the attorneys could review in a lifetime! In most cases, only 5-10% of computer data is relevant to the case. The PreDiscovery™ process uses data filtering and deduplication to first cull the data to only the relevant files and streamline the EDD process. By using the complex methods that remove duplicate e-mails and files, as well as keyword, name and date filtering, LAW intelligently reduces the number of files to be reviewed.

Intuitive Interface

LAW 5.0 allows users to organize and manage their discovery through one easy-to-use interface. This interface can be customized to suit anyone from entry-level to advanced users. This intuitive interface allows users to manage three states of a document (native, text and tiff). Any or all of the document states are available for processing.

Case Creation

In this initial part of the PreDiscovery™ process, users will name the case, apply descriptions, and assign the case to a client or project.

Document Acquisition

Users can use the EDD Loader to load electronic discovery, extract text and metadata; process mailstores, electronic documents, file lists and Outlook folders simultaneously; perform MD5 and SHA1 hash deduplication; and create file type filters.

Electronic Discovery Review and Management

In this very important phase of the PreDiscovery™ process, users can index and code; create index display profiles; display the results in an index view or grid view; group documents by file type; filter specific file types for more controlled document processing; tag specific documents for processing use the mouse, keyboard or batch feature to update; and create different groups for specific file types to streamline the process of creating tiff files.

Batch Processing

Users can create and share batch processing jobs and share the load across multiple stations. All of the settings applied on one machine will be used on all machines that join the batch. The Batch Processing dialog can be used to add headers/footers, Bates number, OCR, endorse, print to paper and convert to tiff. LAW 5.0 is widely regarded as one of the fastest EDD processors in the industry. The high speed of LAW 5.0 and the ability to view and review documents natively, allow legal professionals to review evidence quicker than other software and methods.

EDD Export

Legal Professionals can use the export utility to build load files, push records directly into Concordance and Summation databases, and to save all and re-use settings as export profile.

Legal Professionals Choose LAW 5.0

When legal professionals need to process paper and electronic discovery, they choose the one product that does it allLAW 5.0 PreDiscovery™ software from Image Capture Engineering.

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