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What’s Inside Each Issue

Below is a descriptive list of the many articles and columns that can be found within every issue of Paralegal Today magazine. In addition, we are committed to serving your needs by offering much of our content online. We have hundreds of articles and forms conveniently organized by subject, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

With industry experts covering topics ranging from paralegal management to legal assistant education issues and everything in between, our readers are afforded a unique opportunity to get the inside scoop from the major professional players. Learn more about our writers and our Editorial Advisory Board. Learn more about Paralegal Today magazine.



  • Each issue has a different theme — Education, Career Advancement, Technology, Litigation, Paralegal Achievements and Trends, and Corporate and Specialties. The features included in each issue reflect trends, and offer tips and tricks relating to the issue’s theme. They are all written by an expert paralegal or attorney, or a professional freelance writer who works in the legal industry.

  • How To: Featured in every issue, these articles cover a variety of topics in a how-to format. Each article is written by an expert and walks you step-by-step through the topic discussed. In addition, the articles are available online.

  • In Good Form: Also featured in every issue, this article offers free, practice-tested forms and advice from veteran attorneys. Each article provides easily modifiable forms in Microsoft Word. In addition, the forms and article are available online.


  • Ask the Listserv: This column includes a small sample of the detailed and helpful conversations that occur in the Paralegal Today Listserv on a daily basis.  The Paralegal Today Listserv is a free e-mail discussion group for all members of the paralegal profession. It’s an independent, national and international e-mail listserv that provides paralegals and legal assistants with the opportunity to network, ask profession-related questions and discover the issues that others face on a daily basis. Here are small samples of the detailed and helpful conversations that occur in this forum regularly. Join the Listserv today! Current members can view archives of the Paralegal Today-Forum.

  • Association Notes: Our famous Association Notes keep you apprised of the latest happenings in the paralegal community.  Now you can go to one location to see what associations are planning in the upcoming months. Conveniently organized by region, this section details events including continuing legal education seminars, meetings, pro bono and volunteer opportunities, and much more. If you would like to see your upcoming event included on this list and in our next printed issue, please use the event notification form.  Please note that there must be at least two months lead time.

  • Corporate Comment: Focused specifically on the corporate paralegal and written by a corporate paralegal with more than 25 years of experience, this column offers information on everything an in-house paralegal needs. From UCC filings to corporate housekeeping tips, this column keeps you up to date on the role of the corporate paralegal.

  • Ethics Roundtable: Ethics play a huge part in the legal community and the Ethics Roundtable is here to help.  Helmed by three experts, this column addresses the tough ethical dilemmas and provides accurate, responsible and fair solutions. Do you have an ethical dilemma?  We’re here to help.  Submit your ethics question today by e-mail and your question could be answered in a future issue of Paralegal Today.

  • Legal Teams: This column focuses on the benefits of team-work between paralegals and attorneys.  The legal teams profiled embody good communication, respect and resourcefulness and demonstrate the success that can be accomplished by working together. Do you know of a great legal team or group? Tell us! Your legal team could appear in a future issue of Paralegal Today.

  • Litigation Corner: Covering both large and small firm litigation, this column focuses on every aspect of a litigation paralegal’s job. Whether you need information on how to tackle a mountain of discovery or how to best assist your attorney at trial, the litigation paralegal authors offer their expertise on performing litigation tasks efficiently.

  • Legal Research & Writing: Legal research and writing is one of the hallmarks of a paralegal’s job. Our expert research columnist provides you with the tools you need — both free and paid — that will allow you to leave no stone unturned when conducting legal research. Our legal writing columnist supplies you with recommendations to make your legal writing more effective.

  • My Opinion: Offers our readers the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions regarding the profession. This column will keep your finger on the pulse of the legal community and the issues facing your profession.

  • My Specialty: With so many different legal specialties, paralegals are involved in a wide array of the law. In each issue, this column offers a glimpse into a different specialty. Do you or someone you know work in a unique legal specialty? If so, contact us.

News & Trends

  • News: Provides readers with the latest news and updates on topics such as regulation, legislation and trends affecting the paralegal community.

  • Legal Resources: Staying abreast of the latest resources is vital to any paralegal. This section provides information on books and free Web site resources that will help make your job easier.

  • Scholarships: In each issue we detail scholarships that are available to paralegal students and the paralegal community at large. Numerous scholarships are available with a variety of intended uses. Some scholarships can be used to finance paralegal programs (such as registration fees and textbooks), while others are geared towards funding exam fees (PACE, CLA, CLAS, etc.).

Tech Center

  • Reviews: These are conducted by independent writers who work as paralegals or litigation support personnel. Because of their professional backgrounds, the writers are able to determine whether a paralegal will find the product useful for streamlining work. In addition, the reviews are available online.  To search reviews by subject, please visit the articles by subject page.

  • Creative Computing: This column offers solutions to a wide array of technological challenges that paralegals might face.  It offers paralegals solutions for streamlining workloads, online technology resources to make your job easier and more.

  • What’s New: Keeping you apprised of the newest legal technology releases, this section includes descriptions of the latest products, along with company contact and pricing information.


  • A wealth of content every issue with items such as WebStop, Special Directories, our Legal Products and Services Directory and a host of other valuable information.



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