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Need PDF’s? No Problem! Scan-IT™

If you have questions about IPRO Scan-IT please contact IPRO Tech Client Services at:
Inside Arizona: 602.324.4780
Outside Arizona: 1-877-324-4776
Fax: 602.324.4784
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.iprocorp.com
IPRO Tech Client Services hours are from 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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Simple • Efficient • Affordable
Simply build searchable PDF files with a click of a mouse.
Easily convert documents of various sizes into electronic images.
Efficiently Scan, OCR, Index, and export images directly into today’s popular formats.
Affordably priced under $1000.

Scan, OCR and Index Your Documents
Some say image is everything. At IPRO, we agree. IPRO’s Scan-IT has caught on quickly in law firms throughout the country. Scan-IT is an exclusive integrated scanning module that enables you to easily capture, OCR, and index your documents. Designed for smaller production runs, this integrated production scanning tool lets you cost effectively utilize your high end litigation search, support, and presentation software with your smaller cases.

Start-up costs are low and set-up is easy and quick! Powerful built-in image enhancement and cleanup tools ensure professional results every time (even with an amateur at the controls). You can even scan the front and back of checks onto a single image!

“IPRO Tech’s Scan-IT offers the most cost effective imaging solution in the industry. With ease of use in mind, Scan-IT can image, electronic Bates stamp, OCR and code your document collection.”
Terri Tipton, Vice President of Client Relations — IPRO Tech

Scan-IT enables you to quickly image one or more boxes of papers, note how they are assembled, and provide up to ten fields of indexing information such as title, date, document type, and names. Scan-IT uses the proven Batch concept. Several users can work on a project, on different workstations, without compromising each other’s images.

Scan-IT works with ISIS, Twain and Kofax supported scanners as well as multifunction (scan/copy/print) devices. Image enhancement and cleanup options such as de-skew, despeckle, and border removal are standard.

With Scan-IT you can export to searchable PDF files, color and Group IV TIFF files. Are you a Concordance or Summation user? Scan-IT will automatically load data into both of these database applications, saving you the time of importing data after scanning is completed. Scan-IT runs on virtually any scanner hardware and supports multi-function devices.

Scanner operators can easily add, insert, delete, and renumber pages. Scan-IT can save the scanned pages as single page TIFFs, multi-page TIFFs, color images, PDFs (image only and hidden text). Scanner operators can OCR on the fly, delete an image, and set or remove document boundaries.

Scan-IT provides significant gains in productivity and cost. While other office-based litigation scanning software is currently priced at production level prices, Scan-IT is priced far lower. The list of Scan-IT features rivals products that cost ten to twenty times as much:

  • Support for virtually all high, medium and low speed scanners that are Twain, ISIS, or Kofax compatible
  • Support for ADF and flatbed
  • Automatic or custom electronic Bates numbering
  • Option to endorse the Bates number on the image
  • Ability to renumber images before export
  • Customizable indexing/coding fields
  • Image enhancement such as de-speckle, de-skew, and black border removal
  • Blank page dropout
  • Check scanning option. Combines front and back of check into one image
  • High-speed, accurate OCR
  • Support for box, folder, document, and child boundaries
  • Easy document child, and single-page boundary setting and modification
  • Supports mark sense prep sheets to set boundaries
  • Supports creation of single-page TIFFs or JPEGs, multi-page TIFFs including color TIFFs, and PDFs
  • Allows imports of TIFF files from local or network directories. Ideal for multifunction devices
  • High-speed image printing
  • Export to all major litigation database and imaging systems
  • Ability to link to IPRO View projects from local or remote locations to upload data and images to an IPRO Image server via the Internet

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