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Key word highlighting with IPRO View!

If you have questions about IPRO View please contact IPRO Tech Client Services at:
Inside Arizona: 602.324.4780
Outside Arizona: 1-877-324-4776
Fax: 602.324.4784
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.iprocorp.com
IPRO Tech Client Services hours are from 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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User-Friendly Image Retrieval Software
– Highlight key word(s) on your TIFF images.
– Instantly start your review and issue coding.
– Easily search the TIFF images for key words.
– Navigate to neighboring documents.
– Expertly view, search, tag, annotate, and retrieve digital images over a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet.

IPRO View, the Choice for Legal Professionals at the U.S. Attorneys’ Office

Access Images over the Internet…
IPRO View is more than just an image retrieval system. IPRO View is used to view, search, annotate, and retrieve digital images on a standalone workstation, over a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet. The IPRO iNet works with IPRO View when accessing images using IP, providing access to images from anywhere using a standard Internet connection.

IPRO View can handle multiple projects with millions of pages per project. You can select a specific project and retrieve the document you need in seconds from any computer. It also has a unique ability to be used with a wide variety of databases.

For the large law firm or corporate legal department, IPRO View can be installed across a network with many active users retrieving and tagging images simultaneously. The small to medium sized organizations can take advantage of the same power and flexibility in a single workstation environment with room to grow as the demand on litigation support increases. In either environment, IPRO View offers a unique mix of features that improves the productivity of the litigation support function.

Feature Rich, User Friendly

  • Supported Image Formats Include .TIF, .JPG, .PDF, .PNG
  • System Security
  • Gray Scale Display
  • Proximity Navigation
  • Document and Page Issue Tagging
  • Redactions, Highlights and Markups
  • Searchable OCR with Hit Highlighting
  • Sticky Note and Embedded Note Searching
  • Bar Code Input
  • Voice and Video Clips
  • Flexible Zoom Features
  • Fast Image Rotation
  • Execute External Command
  • Project Navigation
  • Easily Integrates to Third Party Applications
  • ASCII File Import
  • Direct & Batch Printing

IPRO View is easy to use. Enhanced toolbars and intuitive buttons make it simple to learn. Advanced features, such as Tagging, improve productivity. Issues can be built easily and moved on or off the tag palette. Once tagged, images with the same tag can easily be found and printed using the enhanced Tag List Viewing capabilities in IPRO View.

IPRO View allows users to search OCR for the collection and highlight the ‘hit’ words on the images. If integrated to third party databases, the search terms can be easily passed to IPRO and the viewer will highlight found ‘hits’ on the images.

The annotation capabilities are extensive. For example, Sticky Notes attach to the image with an icon. Embedded Notes appear to be part of the image. In a single search phrase using multiple words, both sticky and embedded notes can be searched. Redactions block out portions of the image and can be labeled for identification. And Highlights allow the text to be seen, but draw attention to specific areas of the image. Markups can be drawn on the image for attracting attention. Voice and Video Clips can also be attached and played with readily available video and voice software.

The test of a good retrieval package is its ability to provide you with meaningful information, not just images. IPRO View leads the market with unique features such as the ability to indicate boundaries within a project in just the way that your law firm or corporate legal department identifies its manual files. You can easily implement the numbering system most familiar to you.

IPRO View prints image with any Windows-compatible print driver. For those production departments with high volume print demands, IPRO View has an integrated IPRO Print Module.

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