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Easy Trust 2.1.0

By Mary Girsch-Bock

January/February 2008 Table of Contents


In the not too distant past, I remember attempting to keep track of banking transactions for more than 20 different clients. I ended up spending most of my time keeping a separate log so I would know exactly when a wire transfer was made, who made the transfer and what checks ultimately would come out of each client’s account. Needless to say, the monthly reconciliation process was a nightmare, usually lasting several days, and I was never 100 percent certain that the reconciliation was accurate. I would have given anything to have access to a trust accounting software program like EasySoft’s Easy Trust.

It’s common for software vendors to claim that their product is easy to use; in the case of Easy Trust, it’s entirely accurate. Easy Trust is designed to track client fund activity for all firm-controlled trust accounts. Designed with the busy law office in mind, Easy Trust features an incredibly easy-to-navigate user interface that will put even the computer novice at ease. Additionally, a sample firm is included so new users can become familiar with the software immediately. You also can create multiple firms with Easy Trust, a terrific feature for firms that have more than one location. To protect vital client data, you can assign passwords to specific personnel, extending or restricting access to bank and other system activities, such as reconciliation access. The login screen lets you choose from a variety of options, including creating a new firm, opening an existing firm, accessing the sample firm or restoring firm data from a previously created trust data backup. The main screen contains a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, with system functions such as “New,” “Edit,” and “Delete.”

The initial program setup is accomplished quickly by entering firm and attorney information, bank account details and client information. Adding a new attorney is easy. Just click on the “New” button from the main screen and enter the information. You also will need to enter vendor or payee information for the system database to access. To enter a new transaction, just click on the “New Transaction” option found on the ledger card. Ledger cards record and display all transactions coming into or going out of each matter set up in the system. You can enter a variety of transaction types, such as check, wire out, deposit, wire-in, adjustment and interest earned. Here you also can determine the fund payee or payor, if funds are received, and you also can enter memos for each transaction.

The ledger card function allows you to search for transactions by date, type, reference number, deposit, payment or status. The simple user interface provides options for adding new transactions, editing existing transactions, or deleting transactions. The drop-down menu provides access to all attorney, bank, client, ledger card, payee/payor and report options. Here you can add a new attorney, set up your banking information or add a new client.

You can set default settings in a variety of areas such as bank, attorney, check style and backup criteria. A ledger card should be created for each client. For clients with multiple matters, you can create a separate ledger card for each matter, so if you currently are handling three separate matters for a client, each matter should have its own ledger card. The client information screen contains a list of all matters pertaining to that client. Just click on the matter you wish to access.

For your protection and security, numerous safeguards are built into Easy Trust, including the inability to allow an overdraft of any ledger card or the duplication of check numbers. You easily can inactivate data no longer used, including specific attorneys, clients, ledger cards, payors and payees. Inactivating this information will ensure that nothing is mistakenly posted to these accounts. 

Each bank account has its own reconciliation detail, including all cleared and uncleared transactions, bank ending balance and any items in transit. This makes it easy to always have an accurate bank balance for all of your fund accounts, something that is not always easily done.

Easy Trust allows you to maintain an unlimited number of bank accounts. Transactions can be edited if they have been entered into the system, but can’t be edited once they have been posted or reconciled. To post a transaction, simply click on the “Post Transaction” option on the toolbar. While Easy Trust allows you to enter an adjustment to correct errors found subsequent to posting, you can’t edit, adjust or delete the original transaction. You can void a transaction that was in error, but the original transaction will remain on the books. However, if you void a transaction in error, you will need to enter a new transaction to replace the original voided entry.

Excellent search capabilities allow for searching of all posted system transactions using a variety of search criteria, such as date, type, deposit, payor and payee. Easy Trust integrates with other Easy Soft products, and data can be exchanged between programs, although import and export capability to third party applications is limited.

A list of available reports is shown on the left side of the user interface screen after clicking on “Reports.” You can choose date criteria and sort by client, matter or account number. The bank account report summarizes all banking activity for any month or specified date range. The ledger card activity report provides a recap of all fund activity, and the three-way reconciliation report allows you to print a book balance report, the adjusted bank balance report and the individual balances of all ledgers.

An excellent help file is included with Easy Trust, as is a training manual in PDF format. The manual provides a summary of the program functions and guides you through system setup.

Easy Trust is a great product that can be helpful to both paralegals and attorneys with the complex task of monitoring and reconciling client trust accounts. Simple setup and a user-friendly interface make Easy Trust a sure bet.



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