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LAT March/April 2008 

On the Pulse
LAT ‘s 7th Annual Technology Survey results reveal more paralegals feel the beat of technology.
By Amanda Flatten
Statistical analysis by
Darrell Patton

What’s On?
The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry.

By Milton Hooper

Taming the Terabyte
A paralegal’s guide to reining in electronically stored information.
By Sally A. Kane

In Good Form
Increasing the Value of Mental and Emotional
Injury Cases

By John D. Winer

Table of Contents


Legal Technology Showcase
May/June 2008 Issue

Manages all the most vital information in your practice and keeps it at your fingertips.


"Proven Indispensible" – Angie Miro, Dean Foods

"Knowledge Management all wrapped up with a shiny red bow" – Kim Plonsky, Software Reviewer



Best Authority 




Amicus Attorney

Gavel & Gown Software Inc.

365 Bay Street, Suite 700

Toronto, ON M5H 2V1


[email protected]


A Day in the Life …

     WITHOUT Amicus Attorney



You rush into your office returning late from a meeting. You still need to finalize the shareholders agreement for the Green file due tomorrow morning and you need to review an agreement in preparation for your call with Mr. Lee later this afternoon.

Wait, you took the Green file home with you last night to work on and left the revised draft on your desktop at home. You don’t have time to go home to retrieve it so you either have to redo the work or wait until you get home. Another late night!

Moving on. You dig through a mountain of client files trying to find the Lee File. You leaf through the file but the agreement is nowhere to be seen. Where could it be?



You go to your inbox to find your partner’s email with the status update for the Lee case. This email is critical to the call but you can’t seem to find it. What are you going to do, go into his office and surf through his Outlook? After scouring your inbox one last time you decide to go back to the file to see if either of you printed it out. You also need to find the details about what has been done on the case. Mr. Lee likes to know what he’s being billed for. You dig through the file once again with no luck.

Noticing the time you decide to call Mr. Lee to see if you can push back your call giving yourself more time to prepare. There’s a phone number written on the file folder but it’s smudged. Wrong number. Could that 0 be a 6? Still no luck. You make a mental note to be more careful when going through files while eating.



It’s too late to cancel and you can’t get Mr. Lee’s number right. Looks like you’ll have to go ahead with the scheduled call and wait for him to call you as planned.


4:00 pm

Your assistant rings you to let you know that Mr. Lee is on the phone. He spoke with your partner last week and is waiting to hear about all the progress made on his case and you have nothing to tell him! He is not going to be happy…

Unfortunately, this is just another typical day. You decide to contact Amicus Attorney to see how it can help organize your practice.


A Day in the Life …

     WITH Amicus Attorney



You walk into your office returning from a meeting. You make yourself a cup of coffee, check your voicemails, log onto your computer and go to your Amicus Attorney.

You open your calendar in Amicus and see all of your appointments, deadlines and To Dos. You’re scheduled for a call with Mr. Lee at 4:00pm.



Mr. Lee is a stickler for details so you review his file in Amicus. With one click from your calendar, you open up Mr. Lee’s file in Amicus and have instant access to all information on the file, including the agreement you need to discuss with him and the email from your partner detailing the file’s status. With Amicus you have instant access to file summaries, your notes, summaries of telephone calls, emails, a list of time entries, legal research and documents – everything related to the work your team has done. You can see your own time, the time everyone on your team has spent, plus running totals. Details of any given activity are just a click away. You’re ready for the call at 4:00pm.



Your Calendar in Amicus looks quite full for the day so you decide to do a final review of Mr. Green’s shareholders agreement due tomorrow morning before your 4:00pm call. You open the Green file in Amicus and see that your partner has made some suggestions. Amicus makes it easy to collaborate on a file. You will be finished well before your scheduled call.



Time for your call. You find Mr. Lee’s contact card in Amicus and click on the phone icon to start the call. The call timer automatically starts and you make notes in the Amicus call box as you speak. You confidently handle all of Mr. Lee’s inquiries as details of any given activity are just a click away. You end the call with another satisfied client and finish up your notes.  With one click you create a fully formatted time sheet. No need to reenter your time into your accounting system because you’re linked with Amicus Accounting- the time entries are posted automatically.

You’re so glad you made the decision to get Amicus Attorney and so are your clients.



John Naab

Corporate Legal Solutions, Inc.

2305 S. Highway 121, Suite 175

Lewisville, TX 75067

(800) 597-4361


Intuitive Knowledge Management

Case&Point makes it easy to enter information on the matters you manage and run reports to track activity. Critical dates, notes, Email, electronic documents, physical file information and invoices from outside counsel are all stored with the matter. Case&Point provides a secure shared knowledge base for researching prior matters similar to a new matter. This makes your department more efficient and lowers costs.


Effective User Interface

When surveyed most legal professionals replied that ‘easy to use’ isn’t good enough. What is required is a product to help get the work performed efficiently. Case&Point raises the bar by providing the fastest performing rich user interface of any product on the market today. Our proprietary Smart Caching Client enables the user with a responsive user experience and the highest level of automation available. A typical user is trained in only 2 hours.


Manage All Types of Matters

Case&Point v6.5 introduced the capability to define your own matter classes and subclasses based on 8 matter templates including litigation, contracts, patents, trademarks, property, leases, and transactional. Each matter class is independently administrated. This allows specific user groups within your department to take ownership of their class and allow access to other users as required. Also the nomenclature for lookup categories is unique for each class.


Comprehensive & Flexible Reporting

Over 200 standard reports are available, written in Crystal Reports. More impressive are the 6 ad-hoc report writers that allow the user to develop custom reports on the fly without Crystal Reports training. Search and report on matters, outside organizations, outside specialists, documents, expert witnesses, and invoices. These reports can be saved for future usage.


Built in Document Management

Management of both hardcopy and electronic documents is included in the base system. Documents are stored independently from matters and can be related to matters if appropriate. All types of documents are supported. We can integrate with your existing document management system.


Scalable & Extensible

Start with our Workgroup Edition with 2 concurrent licenses, and then move up to the Enterprise Edition when your department grows. Other options such as Outlook and Lotus Notes integration, the Reminder module, e-Billing system, and A/P integration can be added as required. Custom features and integration with existing systems are available as well. The Case&Point product line ensures the system will continue to meet your needs in the future.


Manage Outside Counsel Cost

Multiple outside counsel, experts, and other consultants can be assigned to a matter. Invoices can either be entered manually in our rapid fire entry screen or imported automatically with our optional e-Billing module. The e-Billing module also includes automated auditing based on rules you define to prevent over billing. A flexible budget system provides for a basic single number budget that can be distributed over fiscal quarters or by phase. Extensive budget vs. actual reporting is included. Researching previous matters to determine which law firm resolved the matter at the lowest cost can help reduce costs in future matters.


Custom Configured for Your Requirements

Case&Point is designed as a whole department solution. Each matter class is defined and administrated independently to enhance the usability and security of the system. We train your system administrator to configure the options to fine tune each class with your nomenclature that will flow right through to the reporting. Implementation assistance is included with the system using Windows movie files and personal training via Webex.


Personal Client Support

The mission of Corporate Legal Solutions is to provide the best product and services to the corporate legal department. We go beyond typical support by assigning one of our programmers to each client. This relationship encourages communication and facilitates a quick and effective system implementation. Our clients are so pleased by our system and support that the greatest source of new sales is referrals.



WorthMORE Software



CaseWORTH is unique software specifically designed to benefit legal professionals doing Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation or Social Security work. The product is unlike any other case management product since it focuses specifically on managing the calculations and financial aspects of a case – past, present and future.  Legal teams can easily enter, organize and track personal injury case information, using CaseWORTH’s built-in calculators and reports to analyze a case’s potential.  CaseWORTH even prints a Settlement Statement ready for the client to sign.

Recently released CaseWORTH 2.0 includes document management of scanned medical records and medical bills, as well as the ability to attach those records to specific service dates. Version 2.0 also allows users to print a Medical Treatment Timeline report, enter medical treatment notes, and easily create reports that are valuable in court and communication with opposing counsel, such as Sanitized Treatment and Medical Treatment Summary reports.




Best Authority

from Levit & James, Inc.


Ian Levit

Vice- President

50 Sycolin Road

Leesburg VA 22075

Phone: 703-771-1549

Fax: 703-779-0304

Email: [email protected]

Web site:


Take the pain and agony out of building a Table of Authorities.  Best Authority is more accurate and much faster than any other method you may use now. You can format the TOA any way you like, insert it any place you wish, and the page numbers are always correct.  Best Authority is the only software product that provides tools to help you review, proof and edit.  It will reduce hours of work into minutes.

 There are two versions.

  • BA Premium offers network configuration and advanced features best for medium and large legal organizations.

  • BA Light fits smaller organizations’ needs.


De Novo Systems, Inc.

Fred Brock

3910 NE 42 Street, Suite 100

Vancouver, WA 98661-3117

(800) 755-9744 toll-free

(360) 695-9372 office

(310) 626-9444 fax


De Novo CaseMgr™ is legal case management ‘for the rest of us’… surprisingly easy to install and use; priced so even smaller offices find it affordable. Manage without need of a consultant, and, with NO recurring charges for telephone/email support. With De Novo CaseMgr, it’s easier than you ever thought possible…

  • Keep track of everyone involved in your matters by simply clicking a tab.

  • Quick Lists provide easily customized access to all your matter information.

  • Merge into Word or WordPerfect documents.

  • Pick from more than 30 built-in reports, or create your own!

  • Protect yourself with the comprehensive conflict-checker.

  • Save unlimited contact information for every client.

  • Track all case revisions, or view a summary of case history.

  • Helpful prompts ensure you don’t forget to include essential information.

  • A full-featured calendar and docketing system with reminders and to-do’s, and useful, easily customized Checklists keep you on track.




9630 North 25th Avenue, Suite 450

Phoenix AZ 85021

Paul Thompson
VP of Sales


[email protected]


IPRO creates software applications designed for the litigation support market. Our software products enable electronic file discovery, litigation imaging, document review and document production within each of the unique market segments of litigation support.  Our customers are comprised of corporate counsel, large, midsize and small law firms, city, state and federal government agencies and litigation service vendors.

IPRO eCapture – Large scale, high-speed distributive system for centralized control of e-Discovery and electronic file processing.

IPRO eReview – A browser-based online review system that gives users complete and total control of the review process.

IPRO View – A powerful, easy-to-use image review tool and the viewer of choice among top law firms

IPRO Copy+ – Image, copy, Bates™ label, OCR and print in one pass via a streamlined touch screen interface

IPRO eScan-IT – All-in-one printing, scanning and EDD application for standard workstations




West Court Reporting Services, formerly LiveNote World Service, delivers a new level of sophistication in deposition services for high-stakes litigation. You still get our high-tech court reporting services, but now everything we do is backed by West’s legacy of excellence. Schedule a no-obligation case consultation by calling 1.800.548.3668, option 1 to schedule a deposition.

West Court Reporting Services
(formerly LiveNote World Service)

221 Main Street, Suite 1250

San Francisco, CA 94105

(800) 548-3668

E-mail: [email protected]


LiveNote Software connects your laptop to the court reporter’s machine & the videographer’s camera. View & edit the transcript and video on your own screen, as it’s happening. Plus send a live feed of the depo to remote attorneys via secure internet. Visit us for a demo!


610 Opperman Drive

Eagan, MN 55123

For LiveNote Sales: 1-800-762-5272

Email us at: [email protected]



One Penn Plaza, Suite 1706

New York, NY 10119


Toll Free 1.866.751.3627

Fax 1.866.343.1129

Email  [email protected]



Imagine your case files available to you at the click of a button. Think how much valuable paper and time you save. All around, PARADOCS makes professional and environmental sense. We are on the Cutting-Edge of web2.0 TECHNOLOGY! Bringing the legal industry into the technological age and helping the environment. With PARADOCS you receive…


PARADOCS provides a full scope of digital legal support services to expedite your case preparation, maintenance and presentation.

Our clients are some of the TOP 100 Law firms in the country. Our cutting-edge service is capable of accepting large amounts of data transferred via our simple yet powerful system. 

Our services include citation formatting, eBrief hyperlinking, deposition digesting, deposition hyperlinking, case file management and paralegal training.

You benefit from consistent accuracy and fast turnaround delivered at a cost efficient price.

Contact us today to explore these exciting options!


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