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CaseWorth 2.0

By Mary Girsch-Bock

May/June 2008 Table of Contents


CaseWorth from WorthMore Software, Inc., is designed to manage all of the financial details of a personal injury case, from initial evaluation to final settlement.

CaseWorth Version 2 offers several new features including the ability to attach scanned medical records to any file — a nice addition, since CaseWorth always has had the ability to attach scanned medical bills to any file. There also is a new area called the Medical Treatment Notes dialog, where you can enter attorney notes, staff notes, a summarized treatment plan, or expert or nurse practitioner notes. These features allow you to enter as much, or as little, information as you need for each client file.

Other new or enhanced features include the ability to sort the medical treatment summary report chronologically, automatic timed saves of any data entered into CaseWorth 2.0 and the ability to create portable electronic files, including all attached file documentation, for easy copying to a laptop or USB drive.

Easy to navigate, CaseWorth 2.0 has a drop-down menu bar at the top of the screen that allows you to enter new files, open an existing file, configure the system to your liking and access reports. Below the menu bar are a series of colorful tabs that represent various damage or expense categories such as Medical Expenses, Subro Payments, Future Medical, and Past and Future Earnings. Clicking on one of these tabs will take you to a data entry screen where you can enter relevant information. Analysis buttons allow you to view the results of the information plugged into the system.

When presented with a new case prospect, utilize the “Case Evaluation Wizard,” which lets you put in preliminary information in order to determine whether a case is worth accepting. While the criteria for accepting a new case varies from firm to firm, the final numbers will give you a better idea as to what is acceptable for your firm. A series of tabs will display once you implement the wizard, including Claimant Information, where you enter all contact information for your potential client and Case Information, where you enter vital information such as the case name, docket number and file number. The Medical Expenses area allows you to enter the total of all medical bills, service dates, statement numbers, amounts billed and paid, and balance due. You also can note if there are any liens on the account, and record the filing date and description.

Subro Payments details any subrogation on the account, including remittance dates, payment source and amounts paid. Firm Expenses allows you to keep track of clerical and administrative expenses such as copies, postage and filing fees. The Math Worksheet displays a calculation of all the data entered into the system and the Settlement Calculator shows both actual totals and a “what if” scenario that reflects adjusted numbers to gain a more favorable settlement.

CaseWorth 2.0 also allows you to determine both future medical expenses and future earnings by utilizing the Economist Wizard. Just enter the corresponding totals. The CaseWorth Economist Wizard will project expenses and earnings for the future, then reduce the yearly totals to present value. Calculations can be based on a flat dollar amount or a percentage, and you can present both lump sum and yearly scenarios. After information is entered, click on the Settlement Calculator to look at an actual settlement total.

CaseWorth 2.0 comes complete with several instructional videos, including one on how to enter an entire client file in less than fifteen minutes. Obviously, entering a more complex case will take longer, but the way the program is organized takes much of the complexity out of entering this information. A sample file also is included and is ideal for familiarizing yourself with the program.

You can produce excellent reports in CaseWorth 2.0, including the Damage Package Report, which includes the Damage Summary. The Damage Summary is a recap of the information entered into CaseWorth and includes an expense list, past and future earnings recaps, and miscellaneous expenses, if any. The Damage Package Report also will outline any
medical provider information and provide detailed information on future earnings and future medical expenses. The Settlement Statement is a breakdown of the disbursement of the settlement, including specified attorneys’ fees, firm expenses, medical expenses, any subrogation and the amount remaining to be paid to the claimant. The Medical Treatment Summary Report provides a breakdown of treatments, the medical provider, CPT codes, ICD-9 codes and amounts billed.

CaseWorth is easy to use with an intuitive interface. Affordably priced, CaseWorth 2.0 will make your professional life more organized and much easier.       



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