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LAT March/April 2008 

Enjoy the Ride
LAT ‘s 16th Annual Salary Survey results show compensation climbed at
a gentle pace in 2007.

By John J. McGurk

Hello World!
American paralegals
working abroad.

By Chere B. Estrin

Landlord and Tenant Law
Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing
real estate specialty.

By Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Esq.

In Good Form
Pattern Interrogatories
for Invasion of Privacy
By Kevin R. Culhane

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My Opinion Poll
March/April 2008 Issue

Disaster recovery planning has become an essential part of running any business, especially in an age where so much of what we do relies on technology. While lessons can be learned from recent disasters in the United States, smaller disasters, such as power outages, fires or theft also can impact businesses. How prepared is your firm or corporation for a disaster? Are there plans in place to protect valuable data and equipment? What measures, if any, has your employer taken to keep the business up and running once a disaster strikes?

Let us know what you think. We will randomly select one $25 winner from the first 50 entries. Complete this brief survey by Thursday, March 27th, 2008, and you will be automatically entered in the drawing for the prize. Survey results will appear in the May/June 2008 issue of LAT. If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please e-mail us.

1. Has your employer taken measures to protect company resources and keep the
         business running in case of a disaster?

Yes (go to question 2)
No (go to question 5)

2. If yes, what kinds of measures? (Select all that apply.)

My firm has a disaster recovery plan, which has been tested and distributed to all
My firm has created a planning team to analyze current and potential risks.
My firm has implemented structural and design measures, such as securing large
      furniture and storing important documents in fireproof cabinets, etc.
My firm has a data backup system in case of system failures.
My firm has options in place so that employees can work remotely if our office is
My firm has a backup generator and/or battery backup for all of our electronic and
      computing equipment in case a disaster causes the power to go out.
My firm has developed an emergency contact list with the contact information for all
      employees and pertinent vendors and clients.

3. What has your role been in implementing these measures? (Select all that apply.)

I proposed the idea for the firm to take such measures.
I assisted with the implementation of such measures.
I drafted the disaster recovery plan.
I have not had a role.

4. When did your employer begin to take such measures?

More than 10 years ago
5 to 10 years ago
  Less than 5 years ago

5. If your employer has not taken any measures, why not? (Select all that apply.)

It’s too costly.
My firm was not aware that it needed any.
My firm doesn’t know how to begin such a huge task.
My firm doesn’t think it’s important.
I don’t know.

6. Has your employer ever been affected by a disaster?

I don’t know

7. Do you know any paralegals whose employers have been directly impacted by
         a disaster?


8. Total number of years employed as a paralegal/legal assistant:

    Years      Months


9. Other comments:


City and state (required):  

E-mail (required):  

Phone Number (optional):

Full Name (optional):

Professional Title (optional):  


By submitting this survey, you grant us the right to anonymously quote you in LAT’s survey summary. If you would like to share your comments on the record, please include your name and check the box below. Including your name greatly improves your chance of being quoted in our survey analysis.

Yes, please quote me on the record in your survey summary.

Problems submitting the form? Please e-mail our Webmaster.


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