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It’s back to school time and, for some paralegals, that means the start of something new — law school. At one time or another, most paralegals have been asked when or if they are going to go to law school, but LAT wants to know how many of you seriously have considered it. Are you already in law school or planning on attending in the future, or is law school a career move you never would consider? Has your paralegal career made you more interested in becoming a lawyer, or less interested? Do you think more new paralegals today are entering the field only as a stepping stone to law school?


Let us know what you think. We will randomly select one $25 winner from the first 50 entries. Please reply by Monday, Sept. 29, 2008. If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please e-mail us.


1. Are you currently attending law school?

Yes (go to question 2)

No (go to question 3)

2. If yes, how long did you work as a paralegal before starting law school?

Less than 1 year

1 to 5 years

6 to 10 years

11 to 15 years

More than 15 years

3. Are you planning to attend law school in the future?

Yes (go to question 4)

No (go to question 5)

4. If you currently are in law school or plan to attend in the future, what are the reasons?
(Select all that apply.)

I want to be able to make legal decisions on behalf of my clients.

I became a paralegal as a stepping stone to becoming a lawyer.

I want the higher salary, benefits and perks that come with being a lawyer.

Being a paralegal has made me realize that I want to become a lawyer.

I have hit a glass ceiling in my career and want more.


5. If no, why not? (Select all that apply.)

My paralegal career is professionally fulfilling.

I never have been interested in going to law school or becoming a lawyer.

Being a paralegal has made me realize that I never would want to become a lawyer.

I don’t want the responsibility that comes with being a lawyer.

I don’t have the time or money to go to law school.


6. In recent years, do you feel that you have come across more new paralegals who are
         entering the field solely as a stepping stone to law school?



I don’t know

7. Does your employer offer any incentives for attending law school? (Select all that apply.)

Yes, my employer pays my tuition and all costs.

Yes, my employer pays some of the costs.

Yes, my employer offers a monetary incentive.

Yes, my employer gives me time off to attend law school.


I don’t know.


8. Other comments:


Total number of years employed as a paralegal/legal assistant:

    Years      Months


City and state (required):  

E-mail (required):  

Phone Number (optional):

Full Name (optional):

Professional Title (optional):  


By submitting this survey, you grant us the right to anonymously quote you in LAT’s survey summary. If you would like to share your comments on the record, please include your name and check the box below. Including your name greatly improves your chance of being quoted in our survey analysis.

Yes, please quote me on the record in your survey summary.

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