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My Opinion Poll
March/April 2007 Issue

Although paralegal certification is voluntary, many paralegals elect to take a national or state certification exam. While these exams aspire to give paralegals and legal assistants more experience, recognition and opportunity, do they achieve these goals? Do employers give more recognition to paralegals who have taken certification exams, providing higher salaries and more opportunities?


Let us know what you think. We will randomly select one $25 winner from the first 50 entries. Complete this brief survey by Wednesday, March 28, 2007, and you will be automatically entered in the drawing for the prize. Survey results will appear in the May/June 2007 issue of LAT. If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please e-mail us.


For yes/no questions, please select your desired answer. For all others, please place an "x" in the box next to your desired answers.

1. Do you think paralegals who have passed state or national certification
    exams receive more recognition than paralegals who have not?

  Yes (go to question 2)
No (go to question 3)

2. If yes, in what ways are they recognized? (Select all that apply)

  Earn a higher salary
Are hired or promoted over paralegals who have not passed an exam
Are more respected by the attorneys

3. If no, why do you think they are not given more recognition?  (Select all that apply)

  There are too many different exams

  Experience counts more than certification
The attorneys don’t know enough about certification

4. Please mark which certification exams, if any, you have taken and passed:

   Advanced Certified Paralegal
Certified Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam
   Professional Paralegal
   State exam

5. If you have taken an exam, why did you take it? (Select all that apply)

   To earn a higher salary
Personal satisfaction
More career opportunities
More respect

6. Do you feel that passing an exam has helped your career in terms of
    increased salary and opportunities?

Not applicable

7. If you have not taken a national or state certification exam, do you plan to
    take one in the future?


8. Does your employer cover the costs of taking an exam?


9. Total length of time employed as a paralegal/legal assistant:

  years   months

10. Other comments:


City and state (required):  

E-mail (required):  

Name (optional):

Professional Title (optional):  

Phone (optional):  

By submitting this survey, you grant us the right to anonymously quote you.  If you would like to share your comments on the record, please include your name and check the box below.

Yes, please quote me on the record in your survey summary.

Problems submitting the form? Please e-mail our Webmaster.

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