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LAT January/February 2008 

The Key to Your Future
Use internships to unlock your paralegal career.
By Ruth-Ellen Post, Esq.

Playground Politics
Education and the law meet to form a unique specialty.
By Sally A. Kane

Using Bates numbering to tame the document madness in an electronic world.
By Milton Hooper

In Good Form
Obtaining Medical Opinion Evidence for Social Security Disability Hearings

By Thomas E. Bush

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My Opinion Poll
January/February 2008 Issue

Outsourcing has become one of the hottest trends in today’s legal world. From document review to legal research, more firms and companies seem to be considering outsourcing options, but how seriously are paralegals taking this possible threat to their careers? How many paralegals already have come face to face with outsourcing in their current jobs, and how many paralegals are only concerned with outsourcing as a future trend?

Let us know what you think. We will randomly select one $25 winner from the first 50 entries. Complete this brief survey by Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 2008, and you will be automatically entered in the drawing for the prize. Survey results will appear in the March/April 2008 issue of LAT. If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please e-mail us.

1. Are you concerned that outsourcing is going to affect your current paralegal
         job duties?

Yes (go to question 2)
No (go to question 4)

2. If yes, why are you concerned? (Select all that apply.)

I perform many functions that could potentially be outsourced.
My firm/company already is outsourcing some non-lawyer tasks.
My firm/company is considering outsourcing some non-lawyer tasks.
Outsourcing seems to be a growing trend in my particular specialty.
      (Fill in specialty:
Outsourcing seems to be a growing trend in my geographic area.

3. If you are concerned, what actions, if any, have you taken to protect your job?
 (Select all that apply.)

Trying to convince my employer to give me higher-level tasks.
Trying to persuade my employer to keep work in-house.
Looking for another paralegal job.
Looking for a job in another field.

4. If you are not concerned about outsourcing, why not? (Select all that apply.)

Most of the tasks I perform could not easily be outsourced.
My firm/company has never considered outsourcing any non-lawyer tasks.
Outsourcing does not lend itself to the job duties in my particular specialty.
      (Fill in specialty:
Outsourcing does not seem to be a growing trend in my geographic area.
I don’t think outsourcing will really affect the paralegal profession overall.

5. If you are not concerned about outsourcing now, do you see it as a concern for the
         paralegal profession in the future?

Yes. (Please state why: )
No.  (Please state why: )

6. In what type of legal setting do you currently work?

Small law firm (one to 10 attorneys).
Medium-size law firm (11-50 attorneys).
Large law firm (more than 50 attorneys).
Government agency.

7. Do you know any paralegals who have been directly impacted by outsourcing?

Yes (go to question 2)
No (go to question 4)

8. Total number of years employed as a paralegal/legal assistant:

    Years      Months


9. Other comments:


City and state (required):  

E-mail (required):  

Phone Number (optional):

Full Name (optional):

Professional Title (optional):  


By submitting this survey, you grant us the right to anonymously quote you in LAT’s survey summary. If you would like to share your comments on the record, please include your name and check the box below. Including your name greatly improves your chance of being quoted in our survey analysis.

Yes, please quote me on the record in your survey summary.

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