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2007 Rookie of the Year
Stacy Wagner
Lincoln, Neb.
By Allyson T. Collins

Get Out of Neutral
Simple steps to put your corporate career in drive
By Sally A. Kane

The Changing Face
of Elder Law
What you need to know about one of the fastest growing legal specialties
By Tim Pareti

A Perfect Fit
Three career options for experienced paralegals
By Ursula Furi-Perry, J.D.

In Good Form
Pattern interrogatories for interference with business relations
By Kevin R. Culhane

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My Opinion Poll
November/December 2007 Issue

The career benefits of attending an American Bar Association-approved paralegal program versus another paralegal program often is a topic of debate between paralegals and para­legal educators. While some legal professionals feel that attending an ABA-approved paralegal program will lead to greater career opportunities, others feel the accreditation goes largely unnoticed by attorneys and law firms. Do paralegals who attend ABA-approved paralegal programs have more career opportunities? Or, are the opportunities the same regardless of which type of program a paralegal attends?

Let us know what you think. We will randomly select one $25 winner from the first 50 entries. Complete this brief survey by Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 2007, and you will be automatically entered in the drawing for the prize. Survey results will appear in the November/December 2007 issue of LAT. If you have suggestions for future survey questions, please e-mail us.

1. Does attending an ABA-approved paralegal program influence a paralegal’s
         career opportunities?

Yes (go to question 2)
No (go to question 3)

2. If yes, how does it influence a paralegal’s career opportunities?
         (Select all that apply.)

Increased employment opportunities.
More recognition as a professional.
Better chance for career advancement.
Increased leadership roles in paralegal associations.

3. If no, why not? (Select all that apply.)

Experience and knowledge are as valuable as education in this profession.
Most employers recognize any good paralegal program, regardless of ABA approval.
In some areas, paralegals don’t have access to an ABA-approved program but they
      still have plenty of career opportunities.
Strong candidates will have employment and career opportunities regardless of the
      program they attended.

4. What type of paralegal program did you attend?

ABA-approved paralegal program (go to question 5).
Another paralegal program (go to question 6).
I did not attend a paralegal program (go to question 7).

5. If you attended an ABA-approved program, why did you choose this program?
         (Select all that apply.)

It was the best program in my area.
It was the only program in my area.
I thought it would help my career more than a non-ABA-approved program.
Many employers in my area require a certificate from an ABA-approved program.

6. If you attended another paralegal program, why did you choose this
         program? (Select all that apply.)

It was the best program in my area.
It was AAfPE-accredited and that is what I was looking for.
ABA-approved certificates are not required for employment in my area.
I wanted to attend an ABA-approved program, but there wasn’t one available in my
It was the best program that fit into my schedule.

7. What are your firm’s minimum hiring requirements for paralegals?
         (Select all that apply.)

Certificate from only an ABA-approved paralegal program.
Certificate from another paralegal program.
A.A. or B.A. degree.
Paralegal experience.
Professional designation.
No educational requirement.
No paralegal experience requirement.

8. Total number of years employed as a paralegal/legal assistant:

    Years      Months


9. Other comments:


City and state (required):  

E-mail (required):  

Full Name (optional):

Professional Title (optional):  

Phone (optional):  


By submitting this survey, you grant us the right to anonymously quote you in LAT’s survey summary. If you would like to share your comments on the record, please include your name and check the box below. Including your name greatly improves your chance of being quoted in our survey analysis.

Yes, please quote me on the record in your survey summary.

Problems submitting the form? Please e-mail our Webmaster.


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