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NALS…the association for legal professionals Chart
January/February 2004 Issue

NALS…the association for legal professionals
(918) 582-5188
314 E. 3rd St., Ste. 210, Tulsa, OK 74120
E-mail: (general) [email protected] or (Educ./Cert. Manager) [email protected]

Technology requirements:
Browser set to enable Java Script.

Who has access?
Everyone has access; there is no need to sign up and no password is needed. The worksheets are posted several days prior to the session and the annotations are posted after the session is over. The sessions can be accessed for varying lengths of time from just a few days to a few months. Attendees receive a copy of the transcript from the session and non-attendees can always request one after the fact.

Paralegal online CLE course name and price:
All of our online courses are free to both members and nonmembers alike. Each session is worth anywhere from 1.0 to 2.0 hours of CLE. Topics include: ethics, word usage, editing, proofreading, punctuation, numbers, capitalization, computer information systems, legal research and writing, courts and administrative agencies, trial preparation, civil and criminal procedures, torts, contracts, real estate, estate planning, estates, guardianships, landlord and tenant, family law, business organizations, bankruptcy, taxation and arbitration, environmental law, water law, oil and gas law, labor law, intellectual property, pension and profit sharing plans, workers’ comp, admiralty and maritime, antitrust, immigration, federal civil rights employment, legal terminology, citations, the court system and ADR.

We also have various professional development sessions including:

  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Write Résumés Right
  • Power of Confidence
  • Respect (How to get More of It)
  • Tools for Having Emotional Control
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Thinking on Your Feet — Tools to Communicate Clearly & Convincingly.

How many CLE courses can be taken at once?
No limit.

Who approves your courses?
They are our own courses so they are NALS approved. NALS approves courses in the same manner as NALA and NFPA.

Who teaches the courses?
Courses are taught from textbooks prepared by attorneys and the sessions are moderated by NALS certified members and instructors, more than half of which are paralegals.

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