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Needles® The Customizable Case Management Software for Law Firms
Software that lets you do what you do best… practice law

For more Information about Needles and a FREE DEMO, visit www.needleslaw.com
[email protected]

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“I continue to be amazed at the flexibility of Needles."
– David B. Norris of Norris Injury Lawyers in Birmingham, AL.

The first and most customizable in legal case management software, Needles has the ability to let your firm focus on what matters to you…reliability, proven performance, and a great reputation.

First in Legal Case Management Software.
The company first developed a case management program in 1984. The first system was shipped in 1985. Since that time our product has been continuously developed and transitioned to the Windows platforms.

Specializing Solely in Legal Software.
Legal case management software is our only business. It’s our job to watch and listen for the changing needs of the legal profession and computer technology, so you don’t have to.

Your purchase of Needles software buys you the experience that comes with completing thousands of installations. You can rest easy knowing you have our extensive knowledge on your side.

Quality Training.
Great training is the benchmark for Case Management software success. All of our training consultants are certified before they join our team and must be re-certified every year. This ensures that your firm’s training will be conducted in a professional and comprehensive manner.

Personal Service & Support.
Our company philosophy disallows the use of any automatic voice answering system. When you call our office, you will receive personal attention to any matter you may have.

The “Wish List”.
The Wish List items provided by our users help form the backbone of our software upgrades. This constructive critique ensures that our program will continue to meet the needs of practicing professionals. We have included hundreds of Wish List items in our many years of software development.

Exceptional Technical Support.
We truly feel that we have the most knowledgeable technical support department of any case management software on the market. Client calls are attended to immediately by our experienced trainers and technical support staff. Clients may also seek help online at www.needleslaw.com. We also offer support via fax, e-mail, website and message board.

Continuing Education.
We are very active in organizing user group seminars throughout the country. We encourage our clients to attend these meetings to learn more about the Needles software program from our trainers as well as our experienced users.

Hundreds of References.
The satisfaction among Needles users is so great that if a prospect is interested, the company can provide hundreds and hundreds of references, along with their phone numbers. This list is available at any time on our website, www.needleslaw.com

Clients Involved in Sales.
Not only are Needles clients satisfied with their case management system, but they just have to talk about Needles to other attorneys. It is as if they love the system and they want the world to know it. Our Needles clients, in one way or another, are involved in every sale the company makes. This could be in the form of referring prospect attorneys to us, providing us with wonderful endorsement letters, or actually demonstrating their Needles system to other attorney friends. Our marketing records indicate that close to 70% of our sales come to us in this manner.

We Use Needles To Run Our Company.
We call it “SAM” for Sales Account Manager. Actually, it is Needles with very little customization necessary. The company advantages are huge. All our staff personnel are in SAM eight hours a day. Think of the experience this gives our employees. It’s the reason why all of us handle support calls so readily. Furthermore, by using SAM (Needles) on a daily basis, we are able to properly test all the new versions that are constantly being created.

Survey Says!
We found it necessary to find out how our clients felt about their Needles system. We decided to send out a survey questionnaire. The results completely floored us. General client satisfaction in each category we chose averaged about 89%-complete satisfaction!


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