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Office Manager in Philadelphia Achieves Total Quality Management with Needles

Needles Case Management Software
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Needles has given me the opportunity to be the very best manager I can be.
Larry Pitt & Associates
(215) 546-0409

At Needles, we are proud of every client who invests the time to fully learn the program and implement it at all levels in the office. We are particularly proud of client Larry Pitt & Associates in Philadelphia, PA. The firm purchased the Needles program in 2003. Prior to purchasing Needles, Larry Pitt & Associates worked from a DOS-based system, did not use email, and tracked calendar items through WordPerfect. In just a year’s time, Larry Pitt & Associates has completely embraced the Needles program. The staff has worked extremely hard to provide excellent service to their clients by using the tools Needles has to offer.

We recently spoke with Phyllis Meloff, the firm’s Office Manager. She shed some light on how the program is being used in the office, and what a difference a good trainer makes in the implementation of a new software program.

We asked Phyllis, “How has Needles changed your office?”

“Since the implementation of Needles our office has changed dramatically. All calls are put into our Needles database. The Needles program provides a tracking system for management as to the disposition of each and every call, client, and status of each case. Needles allows me to track what needs to be done at any given time on any case in our firm.

As a result of Needles, I can obtain managerial statistical reports which allow us to determine our budget for marketing. We easily know what campaigns are most successful. Needles reports give me the necessary information to follow up on a regular basis on referrals.

Needles gives our firm the ability to utilize the ‘Total Quality Management’ philosophy of offering high levels of quality service to our clients. Needles technology gives every member of the firm the ability to provide excellent service without the use of the file. All of the information is current, and we are more organized and in control of what needs to be done on a particular case.”

We asked Phyllis if the training provided to the firm allowed everyone to take advantage of the efficiencies provided by Needles?

“As a trainer of Total Quality Management, I was most impressed with our Needles trainer, Sherryl Coleman. She made me more accountable as a manager. She helped me to learn Needles in order to help facilitate acceptance of the system from every level of personnel. Sherryl appointed me as the Administrator, advising that I would be reviewing the case notes, calendar and appointments each evening. Mr. Pitt and I review everything that has taken place each day. Quality of client service has always been our firm’s mission. Working with Sherryl and implementing Needles has allowed our firm to achieve its goals of offering high levels of quality service to our clients.

I attribute our firm’s total commitment to Needles to the excellent training skill of Sherryl Coleman.”

Finally, we asked Phyllis to give us any comments she had about Needles.

“Needles has given me the opportunity to be the very best manager I can be. Needles gives me the information I need to assist our clients and employees with any questions or problems they may have. It gives us the ability to be organized and in control of our firm.”

Congratulations, Larry Pitt & Associates and Office Manager Phyllis Meloff. Keep up the good work!


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