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Needles Case Management Software: Case Status at the Click of a Mouse

Needles Case Management Software
Web: www.needleslaw.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 410-363-1976
Fax: 410-363-7685

Contact us today to receive a free Needles demonstration disk. See what Needles can do for you!

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“Our continued growth and enhancement is a direct result of learning to utilize Needles.”
— Victoria Santos
The Brad Hendricks Law Firm
Little Rock, AR

Repeat Business with Needles
Law firms today know that happy, satisfied clients are likely to be repeat customers and recommend the services of your firm to their family and friends. With Needles in place, a firm is able to treat each and every client as if they were the only client the firm had. A Needles client, Edward Magram of Smith, Goldstein & Magram in Burlington, NJ recently told us, “As far as clients are concerned, the fact that they know nothing about Needles is a testament to how good the system really is. I can speak with my clients and know everything I need to know without getting up from my desk. Each client thinks that they’re special because their attorney knows their case so intimately.” Good customer service and repeat business are things your firm cannot afford to do without.

Case Status with Needles
Needles, the customizable case management software for law firms, has always allowed a firm to see information about a client at just a few clicks of a mouse. Today, with a new version of the software, Needles 4.5, our program is revolutionizing the ease of determining case status at the push of a button. In addition to the standard tabs the Needles system uses for tracking party and case information, a new tab has been added called “Status”. This customizable Status Tab provides a quick summary of the case’s status, all on one screen. The contents of the status tab are defined by the user. The possible areas from which to pull information are:

  1. Any fields, regular or user-defined, on the Party, Case, Insurance, and Negotiation screens
  2. Any checklist item
  3. Any Note screen

There is a new Status button on all of the above which must be checked by the user for that item to be included in the status tab. A User-Defined report can be written to show the status screens of several cases at once.

Imagine taking a client call and being able to click onto one tab in the system to show everything you would need to know to help that client! Or imagine running one quick report to pull the status tabs of every Baycol case you have in your system! This one addition to the Needles program allows an attorney and anyone else working in the case “one stop shopping” for information. Plus, each firm decides which information is essential to their own Status Tab, making it a customizable features that tracks the information you want it to track.

Needles Clients are Talking
When we shipped Needles Version 4.5 to our team of beta testers, we got an overwhelming response to the Status Tab as a new, exciting feature. Cathy Mullen, of Stein, Sperling, Bennett, De Jong et al. in Rockville, MD told us “One of our favorite new features of Needles 4.5 is the case status screen. These new changes will help us to become more cost-effective, increase productivity, improve customer service and simply streamline our process even further.”

The Future of Needles and Status Information
Needles has big plans for this case status notion. As we drew up plans for our next upgrade, we included the ability to get and give case status via the Internet. Our programmers are already working on this exciting concept. With it in place, a law firm can simply direct a client to the firm’s website to get up-to-the-minute information on the status of their case. Not only will clients be able to access this information through a password protected area of the site, but it can also be made available to firms to which you refer cases. Anyone who requires information about the status of a case your firm is handling will be able to access the website via a secure connection to get that information. Each client will feel informed, important, and impressed.

Since 1984, Needles has been providing a customizable case management software for law firms. See what Needles can do for you! Visit us at www.needleslaw.com.

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