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LAT March/April 2008 

On the Pulse
LAT ‘s 7th Annual Technology Survey results reveal more paralegals feel the beat of technology.
By Amanda Flatten
Statistical analysis by
Darrell Patton

What’s On?
The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry.

By Milton Hooper

Taming the Terabyte
A paralegal’s guide to reining in electronically stored information.
By Sally A. Kane

In Good Form
Increasing the Value of Mental and Emotional
Injury Cases

By John D. Winer

Table of Contents


Becoming a Paralegal

Paralegal Students

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Paralegal Instructors

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Considering a career as a paralegal?

Are you thinking of becoming a paralegal? Are you trying to figure out what to look for in a paralegal school? Are you getting a paralegal education or recently graduated? Are you ready to look for that first job? Are you unsure what your first step should be or what specialty area you should consider?

Beginning any new job, whether you are fresh out of school or recently retrained, is a sometimes nerve-racking premise. Questions abound regarding what you can really expect as the new kid, or not-so-new kid, on the block. To make your entry into the paralegal profession a little smoother, you need a place where you can find helpful advice, tips for success, examples of others who have been there and done that, a repository of resourcesyou need Legal Assistant Today.

Below are some valuable articles that will help you in your chosen career.



About the Profession

Paralegal Education

Different Career Options to Consider

  • Landlord and Tenant Law – March/April 2008 – Paralegals can be involved in every aspect of this growing real estate specialty.

  • Playground Politics – January/February 2008 – Education and the law meet to form a unique specialty.

  • The Hybrid Paralegal – May/June 2007 – Do you have the technology know-how for this new career?

  • Open for Business – March/April 2007 – Four paralegals who have made it big in the freelance world.

  • Flying Solo March/April 2006 – LAT‘s Freelance Survey results.

  • Unique Specialties Nov/Dec 2005 – Distinctive areas of law for the nontraditional paralegal.

  • Music Paralegals May/June 2005 – Paralegals in the music industry.

  • Marketing Your Game Plan Mar/Apr 2005 – Strategies for freelance paralegals.

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