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Increase productivity and capture lost revenues with Prophet.

For more information on how Prophet can increase your productivity and profits, visit our website: www.imagecap.com/prophet/prophet.html

Or call (800) 376-6989.

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“Prophet is the Missing Link in a Production Environment”
-Toby Walton, RSI

Prophet is the user-tracking and job management software developed by Image Capture Engineering for use with Legal Access Ware (LAW) or LAWtsi. Prophet incorporates unprecedented real-time profit and loss tools which allow managers to pinpoint productivity bottlenecks and leverage their staff and equipment like never before. 

User Tracking

Prophet tracks all electronic activities performed in LAW such as scanning, printing, endorsing, and OCRing after the initial user login. A variety of performance and cost statistics are tracked and calculated in real-time including labor costs. When managers have access to this valuable information, they can forecast labor allocation, job expenses and project completion time, thus eliminating many production nightmares. In addition, Prophet monitors idle time and forces logout after a specified time, which increases productivity. When using Prophet with LAWtsi, operators will see a screen that displays the real-time pages per hour, total of pages in the current session, and the total number of pages scanned from previous session. These statistics are helpful in motivating the production staff and determining completion time. Prophet helps to keep your projects on time and under budget. 

Streamline Processes and Increase Accuracy

Since all electronic activities performed in LAW are captured, most manual record keeping is eliminated. What does that mean for you? No more guessing on time sheets and no more lost time or lost pages.

The invoicing process is expedited and projects are billed accurately. The Prophet reports are very detailed and have the billing data you need such as hours, page counts and pricing itemized, so that you can begin the billing process as soon as the job is finished to reduce your bookkeeping time and costs. 

Job Management

Prophet allows managers to create electronic work orders and associate all work with a specific client or client matter number. Managers can import client lists and create customizable price tables for each client. Jobs are displayed with real-time statistics on an electronic “white board.” Not only are managers able to use Prophet for internal purposes, they can also utilize some of the reports to keep their clients informed of the progress of their imaging projects. Managers are using Prophet to take their business to the next level of production efficiency. 

Real-Time Reporting

One of the many unique features of Prophet is that it allows management to generate a variety of reports based on real-time information. In an instant, you have access to valuable reports such as:

Case Revenue Report: This report provides a real-time profit/loss and labor percentage for any project and any date.

Operator Summary Report: This report includes pages per hour, day, and month or any time specified as well as the logged in hours and activities performed.

Operator Box Performance Report: This report shows the amount of time spent to scan each box and the averages across all operators. This information is helpful to grade the work given to you by your client.

Operator Summary by Week Report:This report shows the total throughput and hours each day. This allows managers to forecast their departments overall throughput based on the current equipment and personnel.

Net Revenue Report: This report shows a breakdown of all billable items in LAW and the exact percentage of each item.

Session Detail Report: This report shows when each employee logged in all activities performed.

Best of All…Prophet Pays

A recent survey of production managers, general managers and litigation support company owners revealed an average of:

   17% increase in billable revenue
   19% increase in operator performance
   17% increase in client communications
   16% increase in unemployment premium savings
   18% ‑increase in remote office management productivity

The additional revenues captured by just installing Prophet could pay for your licenses in 2-4 weeks! Billable sales increase immediately and indefinitely. Capturing missed revenue is just the beginning, once you leverage Prophet to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and effectively manage dozens of projects and multiple locations you will realize you found the missing piece to managing your production department.

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