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Auto Accident Cases. The tools you need to effectively assist your attorney with the case,
      from beginning to end.

Boilerplate Clauses. Understand and eliminate the vulnerabilities hidden in contract boilerplate
      language. Includes alternative clauses, drafting suggestions, interpretive authority, business
      considerations and tax notes.

Bringing Technology to a Nontechnical Attorney. Your role in ensuring that technology
      is used effectively and efficiently by all members of the legal team, with training tips and advice.

Creating Extraordinary Demonstrative Exhibits. The technology you need to create exhibits
      that pack a punch and take your team’s case to the next level.

Critical Investigatory Techniques and Skills. How to approach cases from an investigator’s
      standpoint.  Things to look for and how to manage the information that you find.

Dealing With Difficult Lawyers. Tips and tricks for professionally dealing with demanding
      attorneys to satisfy office needs and keep your sanity.

Deciphering Insurance Policies. What to look for, what the courts say the words mean,
      commonly disputed language and where to get help.

Document Management and Imaging. Creating a paperless office, integrating original
      hard copies into an electronic system and the tools you need to maintain the system.

Effective Project and Time Management in Today’s Digital World. Maximizing your
      billables, breaking time-killing habits and streamlining your workflow in a world of
      technological interruptions.

Everyday Habits That Will Build a Greener Office. Small steps you can take that make a
      big impact on the environment.

Handling Federal Multi-Jurisdictional Cases.

High Conflict Custody Cases. How to best diffuse tense situations and get both sides
      focused on what is best for the children.

How to Perfect Your Performance Review. Tips and tricks to ensure that you will
      be receiving top markings.

The Ins and Outs of Immigration Law. Everything you need to know about this specialty
      during the current period of transition in the United States.

Interview Secrets From the Experts. Hiring insiders give you tips on how to answer (or
      not answer) those difficult questions about your weaknesses, gaps in your resume, why you
      want to leave your current position, why your prospective new employer should hire you,
      and more.

Job Searching in the Online World. Do the same rules apply to job searching in the digital
      world?  The best online avenues for finding the job you want, key words to make your resume
      searchable in online databases and best practices for following up once you have submitted
      your electronic resume.

Effective Judgment Enforcement. The tools and resources you need to ensure parties
      comply with the judgment.

Preparing Perfect Pleadings. Issue checklists, drafting tips, use notes, sources of models,
      building your form file, and more.

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Closings. The best methods for handling all
      of your before, during and after closing needs.

Strategies for Taking Notes at Trial. What to look for when listening to opening statements,
      testimony and objections, and tips for jury observation.

The Paralegal’s as Partner. Everything you need to know to take your role as paralegal to
      the next level.

The Paralegal’s Role in Client Relations. Learn the best methods for helping your attorney
      manage the client’s expectations and serving as a key liaison between attorney and client.

10 Steps for Better Case Management. From opening new case files to cross-indexing,
      efficient and effective tips for using technology for case management.

Tips for Settlement. Whether you work for an attorney who prefers to settle early or one
      who likes to settle late, you can play an integral part in the settlement process at various stages.

Top 10 tips from Lawyers to Paralegals on How to Manage Cases and Position
      Themselves for Advancement.
Advice from veteran attorneys on what skills and attitudes
      attorneys look for in paralegals.  Tips on what impresses attorneys and common mistakes
      that should be avoided.

Top 10 Resources for Family Law. The resources that any paralegal in this specialty should
      have at all times.

Trends in Litigation Support. What’s on the horizon? The newest technology trends that will
      keep you abreast of what other law offices are doing and help you do your job more efficiently.

What Every Paralegal Needs to Know About Vendors. Getting the information you
      need while saving your firm money and time. How to get the bottom line from the
      vendor’s salesperson.


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