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January/February 2004 Issue

(888) 321-3250
1818 Westlake Ave, North, Ste. 308, Seattle, WA 98109
E-mail: [email protected]

Technology requirements:
Windows Media Player 7; Internet Explorer 5.0 or better; speakers; Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or better; and an Internet connection.

Who has access?
Anyone can access these courses by going to www.taecan.com and clicking on the appropriate links. Once someone has paid for a course, they have unlimited access to that course until the course is taken down. Payment for the courses is normally via credit card, although company checks are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Paralegal online CLE courses name and price:
Courses are all $25 per hour. The courses below are offered by the associations through Taecan.

  • California Alliance of Paralegal Association Courses:

  • Electronic Discovery: Hidden Treasures and Hidden Timebombs; 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • Employment/Labor Law – Night Shift; 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • Entertainment Law — Jerry McGuire (Show Me The Money); 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • Ethical Billing; 1 hour(s) credit

  • Ethics — The Ten Commandments; 1 hour(s) credit

  • Family Law — The War of the Roses; 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • IRS Tax Controversy; 1 hour(s) credit

  • Paralegal Utilization; 2 hour(s) credit

  • Probate Law — Brewster’s Millions; 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • Real Estate Law — Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House; 1.5 hour(s) credit

  • Real Estate Transaction Law; 1 hour(s) credit

  • The Winning Trial Notebook: Beat the Opposition With Organization and Preparation; .75 hour(s) credit

Below is a listing of Los Angeles Paralegal Association courses:

  • Probate — Probate and Trust Accounting Principles; 1.25 hours of credit
  • Family Law — Tears, Traumas and Triumphs; 1.25 hours of credit
  • Immigration Law — The Nuts and Bolts of Family Immigration; 1.25 hours of credit
  • Legal Research — From the Library Space to Cyberspace; 1.25 hours of credit
  • Computer Forensics — E-Discovery: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; 1.25 hours of credit
  • Ethics — Technology and Ethics: It’s Getting Better All the Time; 1 hour of credit

How many CLE courses can be taken at once?
Users purchase and take courses one course at a time.

Who approves your courses?
The courses are all approved by the State Bar of California for CLE credit.

Who teaches the courses?
A combination of paralegals and attorneys teach.

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