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Issue Archive: Table of Contents – July/August ’01

Jul/Aug 2001 Cover


Discovery Strategies
How to avoid litigation wildcards and hedge your bets.
By Stacey Hunt, CLA, CAS

fulltext.gif (318 bytes) Experts for Sale
Understanding Daubert and tips for finding qualified witnesses.

By Joan A. Hopper

Three Kings
A user’s guide to choosing among popular litigation support programs.
By Dwayne E. Krager

Engine Power
Resources and tools to help you find what you need on the Web.
By Genie Tyburski


Editor’s Desk

Letters to the Editor

My Opinion
Slap in the Face
Disbarred attorneys unworthy of a place in the legal community.
By Vanessa Beam, CLAS

news & trends

  • NFPA and AAfPE May Partner for New Test
  • Billions at Stake
  • Michigan Judges Award Paralegal Fees
  • Women Move Up in ABA
  • Counteractng High Temperatures
  • E-mail Wiretapping Has Arrived
  • Hawaii Kills Certification Proposal
  • New Jersey Resurrects Regulation Talks
  • Helping Herself
  • Legal Community Still Weary of Correspondence Courses
  • Final Results Turn the Tide
  • At the Head of Their Class
  • PACER to Expand Electronic Access

Association Notes

real solutions

What’s New

Creative Computing
Picture Perfect
Adopt these steps for turning out award-winning video depositions.
By Dwayne E. Krager

Legal Research & Writing
Crossing State Lines
Cnsider all resources to avoid online statutory research speed bumps.
By D.L. Hawley

Corporate Comment
Thinking Outside the Cubi
How do I find networking and educational opportunities as a corporate paralegal?
By Michele Driver


Manager’s Desk
Telecommuting: Is It Right for You and

Your Firm?
The pros and cons of working from home.
By Fawn Barnes, CLA

Career Advice
Measuring Up
Getting ahead goes beyond billable hours.
By Dorothy M. Pritchett

Litigation Corner
The Response
Tips for attacking the complaint or halting the invasion.
By Jane Heath

Student’s Workshop
Panacea or Pandora’s Box
Has the time come for regulation?
By Susan Howery

Pro Bono Spotlight
A Tale of Two Passions
Volunteering reunites a paralegal with her other love – social work – and allows her to share it with others.
By Matthew L. Green



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