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LAT March/April 2008 

On the Pulse
LAT ‘s 7th Annual Technology Survey results reveal more paralegals feel the beat of technology.
By Amanda Flatten
Statistical analysis by
Darrell Patton

What’s On?
The latest in trial presentation software, hardware and gadgetry.

By Milton Hooper

Taming the Terabyte
A paralegal’s guide to reining in electronically stored information.
By Sally A. Kane

In Good Form
Increasing the Value of Mental and Emotional
Injury Cases

By John D. Winer

Table of Contents


Table of Contents: January/February ‘08

LAT January/February 2008


  • The Key to Your Future
    Use internships to unlock your paralegal career.
    By Ruth-Ellen Post, Esq.

  • Playground Politics 
    Education and the law meet to form a unique specialty.
    By Sally A. Kane

  • STAMP!
    Using Bates numbering to tame the document madness in an electronic world.
    By Milton Hooper

  • In Good Form 
    Obtaining Medical Opinion Evidence for Social Security Disability Hearings

    By Thomas E. Bush

news & trends


  • Florida Registered Paralegal Program Approved

  • Happy Anniversary?

  • Texas Case Questions Certification Marks

  • Patent Reform Act of 2007 Moves to Senate

  • A Reliable Backup Plan

  • Law Firm Librarians Exploring New Territory

  • The Business of Law in Michigan

  • Legal Resources

Association Notes

tech center


What’s New


Creative Computing
The Small Law Firm
By Kim Plonksy



  • Ethics Roundtable
    Competence and Supervision

    By Therese A. Cannon, Nancy B. Heller, RP, and Stacey Hunt, CLA, CAS

  • Career Advice
    All Aboard
    Chere B. Estrin

  • Legal Teams
    A Group Approach: Charles P. Mitchell, Nancy Jordahl, CP, CFLA,
    Steven I. Klein and Laurie Mesa

  • My Opinion 
    To ABA or Not to ABA?
    By Ashley Johnson


  • Legal Research & Writing
    There’s No Place Like Home
    By Mark A. Gediman

  • Litigation Corner
    Time to Shine
    By Oliver M. Gierke

  • Pro Bono Spotlight
    Debt Relief Paralegals
    By Lori Thompson

  • My Specialty
    Adoption Law
    Daneille D. Stewart


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