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Announcing the Release of Version 9.28

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"Having the appropriate software, and a staff trained in using it, enables our law firm to create a high output of legal work in a short period of time."

Software for the Modern Lawyer
At some point, you probably heard of document management software; but for a law practice, there is a better way to bring everything together into one system – case management software. Such programs can integrate address books, case notes, all documents, e-mails, calendaring, and billing together into one comprehensive package. Our practice selected TrialWorks™, from the Lawex Corporation, as the case management solution. Powered by a Microsoft® SQL Server database, TrialWorks collects and stores all information for our cases making it a turnkey solution for our business.

Being In a Familiar Environment
When implementing case management software, there is a transition – especially for someone that is used to working with pen and paper for many years. TrialWorks makes it comfortable to break old habits with a file-cabinet type interface. It uses tabs, similar to file folders, to group important information. For example: Correspondence, Pleadings, Meds, and Clients are just some of the tabs that contain the case information.

Living by the Rules
Once the program is open, all the features are available to each user, but the watchful eye of the network administrator can control their day-to-day activities. For example, transaction logs are capable of tracking all work by user or by case. In addition, the TrialWorks SQL Security permits an admin from setting form, field, and report specific permissions that can restrict user access.

Starting Out
Many cases begin with a simple inquiry, and TrialWorks assists the user from the initial contact to case settlement. The initial data entry is done using a Case Wizard, which collects some of the basic information based on the case type. Other relevant information is collected at the time of entry, including valuation, important dates for SOL purposes, and client data. In addition, since the user initially is prompted to select the type of case they are entering, supporting forms are available for special needs such as pharmaceutical matters, auto accident, medical malpractice, product liability, or slip & fall. The user has the freedom to complete as much – or as little – information they choose at first, since all intake forms can be completed later.

Time is a precious resource. The advanced docketing abilities within TrialWorks permit users to date almost anything for each case. Most importantly, a user managed SOL Library and auto-calculation system enables simple and accurate docketing of important dates based on the date of accident. In addition, all dated entries in TrialWorks can be added to a designated Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Playing Well With Others
Integration with other software and services enhances the functionality of TrialWorks. Most important is its integration with the Microsoft Office Suite; it uses Word for word processing, Excel for reporting, and Outlook for calendaring. In addition, other services include the full integration with MediConnect.Net’s online medical records retrieval, e-Law© online case filing system, Sanction, Summation®, and several accounting packages such as, QuickBooks Pro®, Juris®, PCLaw and TimeSlips®.

Communicating With Others
TrialWorks is designed to keep track of all case related information, and makes it available to all users. For instance, the e-mail capture abilities allow the program to tag and file all e-mails related to a case automatically. In addition, users have the ability to track phone calls, notes, and memos for each case. Everything entered into the program is available immediately to everyone in the office.

Evaluating Progress
Extensive reporting features permit TrialWorks users to see pertinent information on one or more cases in pre-configured reports. Docket, case, cost, time, and client reports are just some of the categories of available reporting. In addition, the Custom Report Export gives users the additional ability to easily design their own reports and view them in Word, Excel, or Internet Explorer.

Having the appropriate software, and a staff trained in using it, enables our law firm to create a high output of legal work in a short period of time. We are able to handle more cases than we have in the past, and always have the information related to the cases available – whether on the road, at home, or in the office.

Howard Richman is a partner in the firm of Goldsmith Richman & Harz, LLP with offices in New York and New Jersey.


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