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Compiled by Kathryn Feather
May/June 2004 Issue

My Favorites
by Carianne Carleo-Evangelist
Snyder & Snyder, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Job Details: I work primarily with the senior partner, whose practice focuses on real estate leasing and zoning. I draft documents to send out to either our client, or possibly the landlord with whom the client is working on a lease. I also act as a liaison between the client and the senior partner to answer questions on a timely basis.

Favorite Legal Services: Automated City Register Information System, the access system for New York City’s Department of Finance, which provides access to public records. Because I do a lot of work with leasing on my job, this site is a real timesaver. Although I still must wait for the report from the title company to have a guaranteed search, ACRIS prepares me for what is coming so there are fewer surprises.

Favorite Gadgets: PocketPC by Toshiba. It allows me to easily track meetings from both the firm calendar and my own calendar, as well as be reminded of upcoming events. Additionally, it runs Microsoft Windows CE, so I can use Pocket Word and Excel while away from my desk and then transfer them to my computer. Because the firm makes use of Advanced Computer Innovation Inc.’s WordPort, I don’t have to worry about whether a document is in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect because I easily can convert between the two.

Favorite Web Sites: I use FindLaw’s form page (http://forms.lp.findlaw.com/states/ny.html) for New York State because it saves a lot of time. I don’t have to scour the Web for a form I don’t have, but can find what I need in moments. I also use the National Law Journal’s resource for finding court decisions (www.law.com/jsp/nlj/utility/courtopinions.jsp). I like the way it’s organized.

Favorite Publications: I read Law Office Computing (www.lawofficecomputing.com). I enjoy its software reviews because it helps me stay abreast of new technology that might make my job easier and allow me to complete my tasks quickly. Legal Assistant Today helps me stay up-to-date on the profession since I am relatively new to the paralegal field. I also read the New York Law Journal, (www.law.com/jsp/nylj/index.jsp) and Fordham University’s Journal of Corporate and Financial Law (www.law.fordham.edu/publications).

Favorite Products: I simply could not live without WordPort. Our office works primarily in WordPerfect, but often our clients prefer Word. We need to easily convert between the two without spending a lot of time reformatting the documents.

Courtroom Instant Replay
YesVideo Inc. released YesLaw Version 4.0 for managing, editing and creating deposition videos and transcripts. Version 4.0 allows users to export clips directly into other programs such as Sanction by Verdict Systems, Summation and Microsoft PowerPoint. Features include the ability to create standalone video and audio, produce streaming video files with corresponding text, e-mail snapshots or compressed video clips from YesLaw software, search the text of multiple videos within a deposition, and view page and line numbers on the transcript.
YesVideo Inc.
(800) 910-5009

Managing Your Content
Interwoven Inc. released WorkSite Version 8.0, a platform specifically designed for matter-centric collaboration in law firms. WorkSite 8.0 allows firms to consolidate all relevant case information, including documents, e-mails, billing information and contacts, in a single electronic file that can be accessed internally by various departments or externally by remote users. Features include practice group collaboration, providing users with a single online workspace; e-mail management, which captures e-mail and organizes it by matter; data centralization, which allows firms to centralize their systems into one data center; intranets, extranets and support for .NET and knowledge management. Pricing varies according to firm needs.
Interwoven Inc.
(888) 468-3796

The X File
Gavel & Gown Software Inc. introduced Amicus Attorney X practice management software, built on the Microsoft SQL database. Features include new Notes and Search modules, as well as a system for Internet-based client collaboration, allowing attorneys to grant clients access to restricted portions of Amicus Attorney. Amicus Attorney X is available in a Standard Edition for small firms and a Premium Edition for large firms. Contact Gavel & Gown for pricing and additional information.
Gavel & Gown Software Inc.
(800) 472-2289

Search Solutions
Recommind Inc. announced the release of MindServer Legal, a text management system developed specifically for law firms. MindServer Legal provides a concept-based search allowing attorneys to find documents stored in multiple systems throughout the firm with one search. MindServer Legal supports more than 100 document formats in more than 30 languages, and can integrate with other document management systems, intranets and databases, allowing users to access the most recent version of a document, as well as remotely stored documents.
Recommind Inc.
(510) 558-7899

Bankruptcy Updates
Cornerstone Computer Group released an update to its Bankruptcy Plus software allowing users to electronically connect the program to Online Credit Reporting Corporation’s reporting service. Bankruptcy attorneys can download a client’s consumer credit report and load the data directly into the debtor’s schedules in the Bankruptcy Plus software. Pricing ranges from $495 to $850.
Cornerstone Computer Group
(800) 397-8238

HIPAA Requirements
Webley Systems Inc. introduced an Internet-based fax messaging service addressing HIPAA requirements. CommuniKate Fax service doesn’t require a fax machine or a separate phone line. Using a unique toll-free number, customers use their computers and existing e-mail accounts to receive and send documents. CommuniKate automatically converts documents into e-mail attachments and then delivers them to the correct e-mail address. The online control center allows users to determine how incoming documents should be forwarded and maintains an electronic audit trail of all documents. CommuniKate Fax is $11.95 per month, plus 8 cents per minute for all inbound and outbound faxes. There is no charge for e-mail transmissions and no limit to the number of documents that can be transmitted.
Webley Systems Inc.
(800) 455-6FAX

Patent Database
MicroPatent released its Mpi-Inpadoc Plus database. This database allows intellectual property professionals to search, monitor and review more than 50 million patent records within MicroPatent’s Patent Web search tool. Database users also have the ability to export legal status and other bibliographic patent information into Microsoft Excel and other external services. MicroPatent offers free online training for this service. Contact MicroPatent for pricing and additional information.
(800) 648-6787

Electronic Discovery Web Portal
Discoveryresources.org announced the launch of its Web portal, giving legal professionals access to electronic discovery resources such as industry articles, research topics and links, law blog links, information about legal events, shows and conferences, as well as newsletter and
mailing lists all in one place.
[email protected]

Product information is summarized from manufacturers’ press releases. Please send your press release to Kathryn Feather, James Publishing, 3505 Cadillac Ave., Suite H, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, or fax it to (714) 751-5508.


Trial Skills Primer
The National Institute for Trial Advocacy released “The Power Trial Method” by David J.F. Gross and Charles F. Webber. The authors provide answers to the question: Who has the power in the courtroom to decide whether you win or lose? Gross and Webber emphasize key methods of persuasion and presentation. This paperback can be ordered by phone or on the NITA Web site for $49.95.
(800) 225-6482

Constitutional Law
Foundation Press, a division of West, released “Constitutional Law Stories” edited by Columbia University law professor Michael C. Dorf.
“Constitutional Law Stories” covers 15 cases and offers analysis of leading federal constitutional law cases by providing behind the scenes stories, outlining the historical context of each case and defining the role of government. This title is available online or by phone for $19.95.
Foundation Press
(800) 328-9352


OCR & Imaging Resources

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